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More Upscale Groceries for H Street, and Other Winners of Your Tax Dollars

Yesterday, I reported on the possible arrival of a Whole Foods on H Street NE, joining two other new grocery stores on the street. Well, it seems there's one more: Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins announced the recipients of the latest round of Great Streets Grant Initiative awards yesterday, and among [...]

A Whole Foods on H Street? Not a Done Deal.

H Street NE is not going hungry. A 41,000-square-foot Giant Food opened last month at the corner of 3rd Street. A Yes! Organic Market is reportedly coming to the former H Street Playhouse space at 1365 H Street NE. And I've been hearing recently from people in the know that a Whole Foods is coming [...]

Streetcar Extension Study Points to Benning Road Terminus

Construction resumed last week on the H Street streetcar line, the one that's theoretically supposed to get vehicles for testing this October and start running passenger trains shortly thereafter. It's a project that's got city officials hugely excited, but it's also generated some skepticism: After all, the streetcar along H Street will run largely the [...]

Campus Progress

College Hall may not literally be an ivory tower, but it’s close. Along with adjoining Chapel Hall—both built in the 1870s in Gothic revival style—it forms the historic and administrative center of Gallaudet University, the world’s leading institution of higher education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. The hallways are quiet and filled with august reminders [...]

Don’t Hold Your Breath for the Streetcar

That's pretty much the news out of Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's hearing this morning on the fate of the elusive D.C. streetcar. District Department of Transportation Director Terry Bellamy said that the controversy over the proposed car barn on the campus of Spingarn High School, and the related historic landmark nomination for the campus, [...]

So Long, Greyhound Bus Terminal. Hello, Neighborhood Development.

The Greyhound Bus Terminal is no more. And no one's shedding any tears over it.
The First Street NE site, as the Post describes, has been home to shootings, fights, and plenty of loitering. It's also an eyesore in a neighborhood that's got its fair share of transit-related eyesores.
The development of NoMa is moving swiftly along, [...]

No Buzz for Streetcar in Anacostia

This isn't exactly surprising, given the highly mixed feelings Ward 8 residents have expressed about the prospect of streetcars rolling over the 11th Street Bridge into their community. But I was still struck at a couple of meetings in Anacostia last night by how little positive anticipation there seems to be for something that has [...]

DHCD Lists Four Vacant Properties for Sale

100 Bryant St. N.W. in Bloomingdale, which was bid up to
$380,000 in a January Auction.

Back in January, the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) held an auction for some 30 vacant homes and properties around D.C.
Sure, most were slummy—boarded up windows, austere yards, watermarked brick—but buyers recognized the few jewels, and in [...]

DDOT Lays New Streetcar Tracks in Anacostia, Traffic Delays Expected

Just like they did on H Street back in August, the D.C. Department of Transportation is now laying down tracks in Anacostia. The trains on this line are expected to be up and running by 2012.
Starting today, traffic by the intersection of South Capitol Street and Firth Sterling Avenue, will be subject to a half [...]

The Latest on Streetcars…

Wires galore power San Francisco's streetcars–the overhead lines currently aren't allowed in D.C.
A few tracks have already been laid down on H Street. And Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells says the first streetcar installed in the District will run there rather than in Anacostia, as previously thought.
Still: don't plan on hopping on a streetcar to the [...]