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H Street Community Garden Won’t Become Parking Lot After All

H Street NE-area gardeners can breathe a sigh of relief: The Wylie Street Community Garden probably won't become a surface parking lot after all.
Last month, it appeared the garden could be headed that way, as the developers converting the nearby R.L. Christian Library at 1300 H St. NE into condos struggled to find another location for the [...]

Which D.C. Neighborhoods Are Seeing the Biggest Housing Price Boom?

The Washington DC Economic Partnership has released its annual neighborhood profiles, which, as usual, make for a nice overview of the qualitative and quantitative changes taking place across the city. But the numbers that jump out, as tends to be the case in this booming housing market, are the increases in housing prices over the [...]

Is Private Parking a Public Amenity?

Cue Joni Mitchell: The Wylie Street Community Garden, just off H Street NE, could soon be paved over to put up a parking lot. The District Source reports that the developers of a planned condo building at the former R.L. Christian Library at 1300 H St. NE are considering converting the garden into five surface parking spaces to address community [...]

What to Expect From the Streetcar (Hint: Not Speed)

This morning, as my Megabus pulled into Union Station, I saw, for the first time, a streetcar hanging out on H Street NE. It wasn't doing much, although the construction workers on the Hopscotch Bridge just beyond it certainly were. But once safety certification is complete, city officials say it'll be running within 30 days. [...]

Slideshow: A Tour of the H Street Walmart

After months of political haggling and threats to scrap plans for D.C. stores in the face of a now-vetoed proposal for a higher minimum wage for large retailers, the first two Walmarts in the District are set to open tomorrow morning. One will be located on upper Georgia Avenue NW. The other, at 1st and [...]

Gray’s Very Ambitious Forecast of January Streetcar Service

The Gray administration is pledging to begin passenger service on the H Street streetcar as early as January, a highly ambitious timeline given the formidable scheduling obstacles.
"The streetcars will start, you know, actually moving around in December," Mayor Vince Gray said this morning on NewsTalk With Bruce DePuyt. "And we'll have passenger service probably starting in January, [...]

Streetcar Service Unlikely Before Spring

District Department of Transportation officials expect the streetcar to begin running on H Street NE for testing next month, but passenger service is unlikely before the spring.
In a press briefing this morning, DDOT Chief Engineer Ronaldo "Nick" Nicholson said the streetcar is in its "countdown phase," with safety certification set to begin in December. The certification will [...]

DDOT: Delivery Truck Issue Won’t Delay Streetcar

I reported yesterday that H Street NE business owners were concerned that the city had failed to account for delivery truck accommodations when designing the streetcar along that corridor, and that the trucks would no longer be able to park along H Street without blocking the streetcar. Some of the business owners suggested narrowing the [...]

Plans Canceled for Yes! Organic Market at H Street Playhouse Site

The grocery invasion takes a step back: Plans for a Yes! Organic Market at the site of the former H Street Playhouse have fallen through, Yes! owner Gary Cha confirms.
The Frozen Tropics blog reported in April that a Yes! store was coming to 1365 H St. NE, though Cha told me at the time that [...]

DDOT Expects Fare-Collecting, Passenger-Transporting Streetcars by Year’s End

The streetcar waiting game took an optimistic turn yesterday, as WAMU reported that District Department of Transportation Director Terry Bellamy put the odds that the H Street-Benning Road streetcar line will "go live" this year at two in three.
So what exactly does "going live" entail? There are a few things that have to happen before [...]