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So Long, G-Men

Mayor Vince Gray wants the Federal Bureau of Investigation to move to Poplar Point—that, anyway, is his official position. On Monday, the D.C. government submitted a proposal to the federal General Services Administration to build a new FBI headquarters at the waterfront location just east of the Anacostia River.
The agency is looking to leave its [...]

How Many Hoovers Does It Take to Deaden D.C.’s Downtown?

If you're a building in D.C. and your name's Hoover, chances are you're not doing much to enliven the experience of passers-by. Now, one Hoover at a time, the federal government is looking to change that.
Last month, the General Services Administration held a meeting with developers to encourage their ideas for converting the J. Edgar [...]

What Will the FBI Building Site Become?

Several hundred developers, local government officials, and interested folks waited in line for over half an hour outside the General Services Administration headquarters this afternoon for a chance to get more information about the federal government's plan to swap its FBI building for a new consolidated site in the capital region. Many of them probably [...]

GSA Leasing Drops By 96 Percent

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column debunking the myth of massive real estate turnover in D.C. whenever a new party takes power in the White House and/or Congress. There's no evidence that a big Republican win means staffers flocking to the suburbs and lobbyists crowding K Street, or that a banner year for [...]

FBI Could Trade Hoover Building for New Site

One of the least-beloved, most imposing federal complexes in the District—the Federal Bureau of Investigations headquarters in the J. Edgar Hoover Building on a prime stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue NW—may not be with us for much longer.
The General Services Administration released a plan today to move the FBI to a new campus somewhere else in [...]

A New Federal Pentagon in Southwest?

The Southwest quadrant has some problems. We all know it. Today, the General Services Administration took a step toward fixing it.
Granted, it's a small step: an announcement of the GSA's "intent to issue a Request for Information (RFI) for interested parties to address the long term needs of multiple GSA Federal Customers located [...]

Congress to Feds: Drive to Work

A year and a half ago, the Obama administration issued Executive Order 13514. It seemed like the text sprang fully formed from an environmentalist’s dreams, laying out all the ways the federal government ought to green its operations. The ensuing guidelines didn’t just address energy efficiency in buildings, which cities like D.C. have come to [...]

Pit Stops: The General Services Administration

An occasional series on restrooms of interest. Taking suggestions:
My column this week involves the General Services Administration, which involved a visit to the agency's handsome headquarters at 1800 F Street NW. The building, constructed in 1917, has a dignified patina on its wide first-floor hallways and grand staircases. And it's going through a major [...]