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New Zoning Commission Nominee Has Heavy Duty Housing Experience

Mayor Vince Gray is making good on his promise to rebalance the composition of the Zoning Commission from developer types to community types. After re-nominating chairman Anthony Hood, he's picked a former top official with AFL-CIO's development arm to fill small-time developer Greg Selfridge's spot. Nominee Marcie Cohen spent nearly two decades financing affordable housing [...]

Anthony Hood Renominated for Zoning Commission

Way to rock the boat, Vince: The mayor has re-nominated Zoning Commission chairman Anthony Hood, who's served on the five-member commission since 1998 and is generally seen as a "community advocate", for another term to end in February 2013. It's about time; his term expired over a year ago. Last year, Vince Gray refused to [...]

High Stakes at Highland Park: Donatelli Wants to Build More Apartments, But La Casa Might Hold Him Back

Chris Donatelli is stressed out.
He’s been trying to build the second phase of the Highland Park Apartment complex on Irving Street in Columbia Heights ever since he finished the first phase a couple years ago. He learned from that project: The apartments were too big for buyers these days, who want small and cheap. Also, [...]

Fenty and Gray Carve Up the Real Estate World

On Monday, Jonathan O'Connell drilled down into the economic development platforms of Mayor Adrian Fenty and would-be mayor Vince Gray. In a nutshell, he concludes that while Fenty has gone for big developments–many of which haven't yet been built–Gray would focus on fewer projects, and emphasize the steady-job-generating tourism industry. We also get a bit [...]

Council Okays Selfridge for Zoning Commission, Rejects Wall

As expected, Council Chairman Vince Gray allowed only one of the two developers nominated to the Zoning Commission by Mayor Adrian Fenty to move forward in the Council's last legislative meeting before their summer recess. Calling Fenty's nominations an "unprecedented attempt to stack the Zoning Commission" with people in the real estate industry, he recommended [...]

Council Likely to Reject at Least One of Mayor’s Zoning Commission Picks

Mayor Adrian Fenty gets three appointments to the five-person Zoning Commission. All three of his latest picks have been developers—and on account of their professional homogeneity, the Council is likely to only confirm one of the two nominations currently pending.
Stan Wall, whom the Mayor nominated to replace menschy chairman Anthony Hood, has already run into [...]