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Nobody Knows All The Trouble Vacant Properties Cause

Vacant properties are not a sexy topic, and the Government Accountability Office is no Danielle Steele, but the agency's recent report on the matter is a pretty interesting read for anybody who cares about how all those empty buildings came to be that way and their effect on local governments. Even though loan servicers are [...]

Yu Ying Gets A Bargain on New Space

The Chinese-language charter school Yu Ying has locked down the former Marist Seminary at 220 Taylor Street NE–for 30 percent off the asking price. Listed at $10.2 million, the property sold on April 7 for $7.1 million, and the school plans to renovate quickly enough to be open for the 2011-2012 school year.
Except for financing [...]

Vagaries of Government: Plug-In Edition

There are times when the normal, expected governmental obstruction of innovation and progress veers into actual farce. Such is the case with the Government Accountability Office's opinion forbidding the use of appropriated funds to construct a fueling station for hybrid vehicles, which Michael Neibauer reports this morning.
Since the Democratic turnover in 2006, the Hill has [...]