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Construction Watch: Gibson Plaza Made Over, Inside and Out

Here's the lesson of Gibson Plaza, the 10-story Shaw behemoth housing mostly Section 8 tenants: If you suffer through bad conditions long enough, you might just be there when a fantastic upgrade comes around.
The 217-unit building hadn't had a major renovation since it was built, back in 1974, by the development arm of First Rising [...]

Peeking Through Fences

The Howard Theater:

Gibson Plaza, getting resurfaced:

Gibson Plaza Groundbreaking July 28, Glimmer of Hope for Kelsey Gardens?

In the last few months, it's seemed that the ice floes have started to crack and shift for development in Shaw: Project after project has broken financing deadlocks and will see shovels in the ground this year. Add another to the list: Gibson Plaza, the 10-story public affordable housing behemoth on 7th and O Street [...]