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Twelve Colleges Want a Part of St. Elizabeths

The redevelopment of the St. Elizabeths East Campus, near the Congress Heights Metro station, is finally moving forward, and a dozen colleges and universities want to get in on the action.
In April, the city issued a solicitation for "academic institutions or consortia that wish to serve as the academic anchor for the St. Elizabeths East Innovation Hub, an [...]

How to Understand D.C.’s Town Gown Complex

If for some reason you read just this blog and not the rest of the paper, allow me to director your attention to this week's cover story by Shani Hilton, which cuts through the noise and puts together a unified field theory of why wealthy universities fight with their wealthy neighbors. I particularly enjoyed this [...]

Does Georgetown Just Have an Attitude Problem?

On February 9, the Zoning Commission will rule on where, how, and how much Georgetown University will be able to grow over the next ten years. It's been an arduous process, with citizens groups squaring off against University officials for well over a year now, and enough filings to make the Encyclopedia Britannica look like [...]

WaPo: Capping University Enrollment is Hypocritical

To date, D.C.'s higher education lobby—the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area—has made the case that trying to restrict the growth of the city's college student population would run counter to the push for economic development. But no one's said that the city talks from both sides of its mouth when it yammers [...]

Who’s Entitled to Full Representation in Georgetown?

After overdosing on ward redistricting, I haven't been able to muster the interest to venture into the process of redrawing their constituent parts—Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and individual single member districts. It's been a hot topic in the newly expanded Ward 6, naturally, and to a certain extent elsewhere. ANC redistricting is the smallest-bore form of [...]

In Response to Concerns, American Moves Beds Around

Taking a cue from Georgetown University, which made last-minute concessions before its first date with the Zoning Commission, American University is tweaking its campus plan to appease the neighbors before going through the review process.
On the "east campus," now a parking lot on Nebraska and New Mexico, A.U. proposes reducing the number of new beds [...]

Burleith: Just Slightly More of a Rental Ghetto Than Everywhere Else

Members of the citizens groups fighting against campus plans recently submitted by Georgetown and American Universities were none too happy that WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi included only university spokespeople in a Monday program on the subject. Before it started, the program's web page gathered more comments than probably any in WAMU's history, and the station was [...]

ANC 2E’s Georgetown Student Containment Strategy

We've noted here before the warlike nature of the relationship between Georgetown University and its neighbors (students are like terrorists: If you see one, there must be 10 others hiding in the bushes). If the upcoming Zoning Commission hearings are like truce negotiations, then Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E's recommendations regarding the University's 10-year campus plan [...]

Community Kills New Housing in Georgetown Campus Plan

I'm a bit late to this, but thought it worth re-pointing out that in its campus plan submission to the Zoning Commission, Georgetown University dropped two major things in response to community concerns: Additional graduate student housing on the "1789 block," between 36th and 37th Street, and a proposed 83-foot-tall "chimney extension."
The organized opposition's greatest [...]

Evans to Burleithians: I Basically Can’t Help You

For months now, Georgetowners and Burleithians have been mustering against their local university's 10-year-plan, which involves expanding the graduate student body without adding more while adding little on-campus housing*. It's an existential struggle: Residents of these leafy, genteel neighborhoods fear the conversion of single family homes into rowdy rentals, because God knows what comes after [...]