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DC Water Chief Urges Agriculture Secretary Not to Allow Fracking Near D.C.

D.C.'s water supply could be threatened by natural gas extraction in the George Washington National Forest, and the people ensured with keeping what comes out of your tap safe are not letting it happen without a fight.
A few weeks ago, I wrote about a letter sent by Tom Jacobus, managing director of the Washington Aqueduct, to [...]

Water Main Breakage: Just a Winter Kind of Thing

Crudbuckets. It's snowing outside, and your water just got cut off. No soup, no tea, no hot shower to warm up. Why oh why do water mains have to break now?
Hearing cries of frustration from all over the city, I was curious about this question, and called up D.C. Water spokesman Alan Heymann to [...]

Storytime with George Hawkins: Lead Scares, Boiled Water Alerts, and DC Water as More Than a Utility

You may have heard by now that the body formerly known as the Water and Sewer Authority has a new look: D.C. Water, signified by a cute little raindrop. But behind the revamped image, has anything actually improved?
General manager George Hawkins made the case to a group of bloggers yesterday that it’s more than just [...]