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Twelve Colleges Want a Part of St. Elizabeths

The redevelopment of the St. Elizabeths East Campus, near the Congress Heights Metro station, is finally moving forward, and a dozen colleges and universities want to get in on the action.
In April, the city issued a solicitation for "academic institutions or consortia that wish to serve as the academic anchor for the St. Elizabeths East Innovation Hub, an [...]

Campus Progress

College Hall may not literally be an ivory tower, but it’s close. Along with adjoining Chapel Hall—both built in the 1870s in Gothic revival style—it forms the historic and administrative center of Gallaudet University, the world’s leading institution of higher education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. The hallways are quiet and filled with august reminders [...]

A Glimpse of Gallaudet’s New Openness, And a Vision For Union Market

Gallaudet University is well on its way through a 10-year campus planning process, and one of its priorities is opening up the campus to the surrounding neighborhood, especially what will develop at Union Market directly to the west. Here's a preliminary rendering of the 6th Street entrance:

Meanwhile, pictures are starting to emanate from the International [...]

More Campus Plans! Catholic University Looks to Densify, Gallaudet to Open Up

With the University of the District of Columbia, American and Howard Universities' 10-year campus plans all put to bed, and Georgetown's to be dispatched shortly, just a few of D.C.'s major academic institutions remain in this cycle of campus plans: Catholic and Gallaudet. The Ward 5 schools have historically had better relations with their surrounding [...]

Yet Another School Up For Grabs! And It’s Huge!

Former public schools, you can have 'em. Along with the Stevens, Franklin, Langston, and J.F. Cook Schools, the city is trying to get rid of Webb Elementary, a squat 1960s school sandwiched between Gallaudet University and the Arboretum on Mt. Olivet Road NE that was closed in 2008. This one is big: a 104,000-square-foot building [...]

Some Neighbors vs. A Few Universities

'Tis the season for campus plans: Georgetown's will hit the Zoning Commission tonight (students are organizing buses to support it, while neighbors in opposition are arranging car pools), the University of the District of Columbia has its first hearing next month, American should come up soon after that. Howard is still formulating a detailed draft, [...]

DeafSpace: The Hearing Impaired Get a Place of Their Own

What do you need from a building if you can’t hear?
In the old model, buildings designed for deaf people were built like insane asylums: In such a way that supervisors could see inmates at all time, to keep track of them. But in the last few years, architects have started thinking differently. Instead of being [...]