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Car Barn Still an Issue at Georgia Avenue Walmart

Back when developer Foulger Pratt was working on its first development plan for the Curtis Chevrolet site on Georgia Avenue, it ran up against the D.C. Preservation League, which wanted to preserve the century-old brick structure that formerly housed streetcars. Now that Foulger Pratt is on to Plan B–a 102,000-square-foot Walmart–MMA Architects is working with [...]

Walmart Moves on New York, Ward 4 Marches on Foulger-Pratt

Walmart's mounting a new offensive to gain entrance to New York City, but the stealth strategy won't work there like in did in  Washington D.C. The company has been nosing around New York for years now, only to be defeated by unions and skeptical politicians–but this time, it doesn't intend to be denied, coming with [...]

Walmart Resistance Begins in Ward 4

After a few weeks of processing the news of Walmart's arrival, it looks like at least one neighborhood–Brightwood–is mobilizing in attempt to bend the company to its will.
Funny thing is, the outcry wouldn't be as loud if developer Foulger-Pratt hadn't backed out of a planned community meeting on the subject, calling it "unecessary."
Rebecca Mills, who [...]