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Halls of Earning: GW’s Continuing Adventures in D.C. Real Estate

The death knell of the Corcoran Gallery of Art last month elicited a dirge from the sages of the D.C. art world, whose mournfulness overshadowed any sense of closure that might have come from the final breath of an institution long known to be suffering. “The demise of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College [...]


Coffee culture, as understood in bean-crazed locales like Seattle and Portland, has yet to take root in the District. A Starbucks or Caribou can usually be found churning out syrupy concoctions, but the classic independent shop—where espresso is an art and the food comes second—is still very hard to come by.
There are lots of reasons [...]

Foggy Bottom’s Preemptive Redesign

Foggy Bottom: Home of the State Department, the Watergate, and...what else, really? The institutional-feeling neighborhood, carved up by freeways and uninspired green space, has some of the largest undeveloped chunks of land in the city.
Now, courtesy of the Catholic University Urban Institute Studio, there's at least a vision for what it could become–Professor Iris Miller [...]

New Friendship Heights Whole Foods Opening in 2010

View Whole Foods Triangle in a larger map
...Or as an alternative albeit too lengthy headline, I could have written "New Whole Foods to Create Upper Northwest Whole Foods Triumvirate."
Check that out above: Whole Foods is adding its third location on Wisconsin Avenue, and its third in the same little Bethesda/upper Northwest area.  The central one, [...]