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Failed Historic Preservation Review Board Nominations Endanger the Whole Shebang

Back in November, we heard that Mayor Vince Gray had finally nominated two people to stick around past their already-expired terms on the Historic Preservation Review Board and two more to fill pending vacancies. It was a relief, given that only two members of the nine-person board haven't had their terms expire.
Well, turns out two [...]

More Disneyfication Coming to Chinatown

Along with backing a gigantic new office building that will house international businesses at last night's U.S.-China Capital Cities Friendship Council gala, Mayor Vince Gray also expressed support for something dear to many people in the room: The continuing existence of a Chinatown in D.C.'s downtown core, which when he first became D.C. Council chairman, [...]

Ewave Microwave Oven Fail!

This microwave oven sucks. Hell, the brand name even sucks–Ewave.
Here's what this Ewave product starting doing not so long ago. When foodstuffs or liquids were placed in the Ewave oven for heating, this Ewave oven would just start sparking like mad. No, no one placed any aluminum foil in there, or a bunch of coins, [...]