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Takoma Metro Development Set for Approval, Despite Cross-Border Opposition

Nearly every new development project that's taller than most of the surrounding neighborhood raises a few hackles among locals. Less common is one that arouses opposition across state lanes.
Tomorrow, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board will vote on plans for an apartment building at the Takoma Metro station. The plans are the latest in [...]

The Great Reset: McMillan has Bedeviled Developers for Decades. Can the Latest Try be the Last?

There have been so many plans for development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site that if you put them together in a slideshow, it might make for a dramatic film—except with no clear heroes or villains, and no happy ending. Yet, at least.
The most recent main characters are trying to provide one. In their first [...]

At McMillan, Developers Need a Little Help From the Neighbors

With a budget gap yawning into the next few years, Mayor-elect Vince Gray has put developers on notice that not all of their big projects—Hill East, Walter Reed, the Southwest Waterfront, to name a few—will get the public funding they were expecting.
That puts them all in competition with each other to move to the front [...]

McMillan Plans Start Taking Shape

Three weeks ago, the design and development teams tasked with the redevelopment of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site started over on the long, painstaking process of doing something with the area that neighbors could accept. After another couple of salons with interested residents, the planners came back to St. Martin's Church on Saturday morning with [...]

Only One Bid for Bruce Monroe School!

Well, I didn't see this coming. After everyone and their mother attended the pre-bid conference for redeveloping the Bruce Monroe School site on Georgia Avenue–now happily occupied by a large, if bland, park–only one partnership actually got together a bid for the site, Michael Neibauer reports. The proposal, from townhouse specialist EYA and Georgia Avenue [...]

Starting Over–Again–On McMillan Planning

There has been plan after plan after plan for the redevelopment of the McMillan sand filtration plant east of First Street NW. Yesterday, project leaders got community members to begin yet again.
In the first of three public meetings, several dozen community members hunkered down in St. Martin's Church on Saturday morning with principals from the [...]

City Brings Five Cops to Community Meeting on McMillan Site

Planning around the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, the 25-acre grassland between Howard University and North Capitol Street, has long been contentious–as is any project involving massive private development on a site of historical significance. But if last night's meeting of the McMillan Advisory Group is any indication, things have escalated recently. Community activist Tony Norman [...]

An Ad Campaign We Can Get Behind

EYA is going for transit-oriented development in a big way, if its metro car advertisements are any indication. At the risk of stating the obvious, considering how much it seems like parking concerns tend to retard new business development, building communities that help residents live car-free is a huge thing.

Designated Affordable Homes Available in EYA’s New Brookland Development

Within seven to nine years, the area around Brookland's Metro station will be built up with artist studio spaces, condos, townhouses and "college town retail—coffee shops, sit-down restaurants, book shops, bike shops" as one representative for developer Jim Abdo put it.
But Abdo's not the only developer sticking a shovel in neighborhood soil soon.  Just down [...]

Marion Barry’s Not the Only One With Nonprofit Trouble

It turns out Ward 8's Marion Barry is not the only councilmember embroiled in nonprofit drama.
Remember that nice 237-home development I wrote about? A Brookland seminary offered up the land—once occupied by old sports fields—now that their student body has dwindled. 
Well, Ward 5's Harry Thomas Jr. came out vigorously in support of the project, despite reservations [...]