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Chat with the NCPC Here Next Wednesday!

As much as we sometimes hate on the National Capital Planning Commission in this space, they've lately embarked on a laudable transparency initiative, posting all sorts of documents online and reaching out to start conversations about the issues they deal with. To that end, next Wednesday we'll be having one of those online chats here [...]

14th Street May Actually be Paved With Gold

Back in July, local commercial broker Wayne Dickson complained that the city was delaying a 14th Street redesign because the area was doing well enough on its own. “I have heard officials say, you don’t need this, 14th Street is paved in gold,” he told me.
Several splashy announcements later, it looks like those officials might [...]

Metrobusted: D.C.’s subway system needs a new map. Is anything worth saving?

Metro’s rail map, the rainbow diagram that serves as a logo of Washington as much as a tool to navigate the city, is a durable relic.
Unlike New York’s subway, Metro’s rail diagram didn’t go through a trippy ’70s phase that was then scrapped, or waver between representation and abstraction, like Moscow’s. Instead, the map just [...]

A Walk With: Duane Gautier, Director of ARCH Development, Anacostia

Last week, we started a series of walking tours with folks in the know in their neighborhoods. Who else would be interesting? Let me know.
When Duane Gautier first came to Anacostia from his native New York City, to intern for a congressman in 1961, the neighborhood was thriving: Most every shopfront filled, and owner-occupied.
When he [...]

Welcome Patch!

When I first started this job five-ish months ago, the first person I sat down with to start figuring out the world of D.C. real estate and development was reporter-blogger Shaun Courtney, then with DCMud. Fresh off the Obama campaign, she quickly took the site to a new level of professionalism, explaining who was bulding [...]

It’s Official: Whole Foods Coming to Foggy Bottom

It's the answer to your wildest dreams, Foggy Bottomers: Bisnow is reporting that Boston Properties, which has been cagey about its big new grocery store tenant for months now, has signed Whole Foods to occupy 38,000 square feet of The Avenue on Washington Circle. That will make four in the District proper, plus one just [...]

D.C. Economy Booster: Bermuda on the Potomac?

Last week, at a forum in Adams Morgan, Council chairman Vincent Gray was asked—as he often is—how he would solve unemployment in the District. On top of the usual answers about job training and construction projects, Gray had one most audience members hadn’t heard before: Making D.C. a tax shelter for insurance companies.
Here’s what he [...]

Introducing: Facebook for Your House

First of all, save the date, old building enthusiasts: The D.C. Preservation League's 2010 Citywide Historic Preservation Conference is scheduled for September 24th and 25th at the American Institute of Architects' New York Avenue HQ.
In the mean time, though, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched a new tool to keep historic homeowners talking [...]

Next Stop for IHOP: Georgetown or Deanwood

We heard a couple of weeks ago that the new Columbia Heights IHOP would be "owned and staffed by police officers," which was supposed to lay to rest fears of the 24-hour diner disrupting sleepy neighbors. Turns out that's only half of the truth. The folks bringing pancakes to Ward 1 are the same as [...]

Burmese Food on the Way to 9th and P Streets

Those gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of a 6,000 square-foot mixed-use building at 1501 9th Street could literally smell the future: Trays of noodles and egg rolls made by Mandalay restaurant, the Silver Spring eatery that will open a second location on the corner when construction finishes next summer.
It's a significant thing for Shaw, which [...]