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Top D.C. Architect: City Skyline Is Boring, and It’s Not Our Fault

Casual observers of D.C. development would be forgiven for thinking that every new big building in the city is statutorily required to be designed by Eric Colbert or Shalom Baranes. The two architects, along with a small handful of others, to a lesser extent, seem to be behind just about every project in the city's booming corridors. And to the [...]

JBG Continues to Inflict Outsiders on D.C. Architecture

Well, JBG has gone and done it again: Brought in somebody who's never before worked in Washington to design residential buildings on its Atlantic Plumbing sites at 8th and V Street NW. That would be Morris Adjmi, who's accustomed to New York City and California. Despite stepping outside the familiar cast of characters, it's not [...]

Wait, Have I Seen That Building Before?

Copycat architecture is a familiar thing in the District, especially in times of such rapid development as these—a cupola or a window pattern will show up in several new buildings at once, either because one firm is designing lots of things around town, or because they pick up on a feature that was successful somewhere [...]

A Housing Complex Bet: Trader Joe’s Coming to 14th and U

So, over a year ago I pooh-poohed a rumor that a Trader Joe's was nosing around near 14th and U streets NW. Well, I've since heard from a very good source that Trader Joe's is, in fact, headed for the massive new development just getting underway on the intersection's southwest corner: The project formerly known [...]

JBG Brings In Schmancy Architect For Florida Avenue Project

In this week's cover story, I talk about how residential developers tend to stick with local architects who know the city's laws and personalities best. There were two exceptions: Eastbanc, with its West End project, and JBG. The latter has been working on a request for proposal system that will bring in bids from firms [...]

Meet the Guy Who Built MidCity (And Get Ready to Learn More)

Last week, the Business Journal ran a profile of Eric Colbert, the architect behind literally dozens of multifamily residential buildings in the hot neighborhoods between Adams Morgan, Shaw, and Dupont Circle. You may have noticed his name on several projects underway up and down 14th Street: The one replacing Yum's, the Verizon building at R [...]

Brookland Square Goes Begging

While project after stalled project has been bought up and built out over the last year in D.C., there are still plenty of vacant lots to go around. Case in point: 1300 Rhode Island Avenue NE, which was last planned for a $75 million mixed-use building called "Brookland Square" back in 2007. It still has [...]