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Houses of the Lord: The biggest producer of new affordable housing in D.C.? God.

Walking into the Temple of Praise near the end of a service is like lifting the lid of a tea kettle: The energy inside the Southern Avenue SE church is so intense, with worshipers dancing and wailing and fainting in the aisles, that it seems like it could boil over at any minute. Even when [...]

Church Got Lots of Empty Land? Build Housing.

On Monday, St. Martin's Church at North Capitol and T Streets NE will officially open its new residential development, The Summit at St. Martin's, with 178 units of affordable housing, 51 of them reserved for formerly homeless people who graduated from transitional housing programs. St. Martin's couldn't have done it without $11 million in low [...]

Fenty and Gray Carve Up the Real Estate World

On Monday, Jonathan O'Connell drilled down into the economic development platforms of Mayor Adrian Fenty and would-be mayor Vince Gray. In a nutshell, he concludes that while Fenty has gone for big developments–many of which haven't yet been built–Gray would focus on fewer projects, and emphasize the steady-job-generating tourism industry. We also get a bit [...]

Federal Money Trickles Down to Petworth

Some feel-good news for Friday, hey? So, there’s a building up on Webster Street in Petworth that has been looking for money to renovate for several years now. Enterprise Community Partners, a national group that’s doing good work to preserve affordable housing east of the river, gave them a small pre-development loan a few years [...]