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Meet D.C.’s Most and Least Energy-Efficient Buildings

Good news, Mother Earth: D.C.'s buildings are more energy-efficient than most in the country, and they're getting more so. According to a release today from the District Department of the Environment, the city's large, privately owned commercial buildings score an average of 77 on the Energy Star scale, meaning they perform better than 77 percent [...]

Want to Save Energy and Paper? You’re Out of Luck.

Hey all you solar-powered conservationists out there: I've got bad news for you. If you want to save energy (and save a buck), you probably have to waste paper in the process.
Why's that? If you have solar panels on your roof, and those panels produce more energy than you consume at a given time, your [...]

Smoggy Awards: D.C.’s Highest-Emitting Public Facilities

It's the moment you've been waiting for: The Department of General Services and Department of the Environment have released their annual benchmarking survey of public buildings for fiscal year 2012. The Washington Business Journal has the news; I'll supplement it with a rundown of the highest carbon dioxide-emitting city-owned facilities. So, without further ado, the [...]