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The Perks of a Productive Congress

In my column today, I examine the correlation between national elections and D.C. real estate and find that, well, there isn't one. Or at least to the small extent that there is one, it's overshadowed by more relevant factors like the economy, city policy, and demographic changes.
But studies from recent years have shown the D.C. [...]

Vote With Your Feet

It’s election time, and we all know what that means: If Republicans take the White House and the Senate in a sweep, D.C.’s Democrats will flee the city (presumably to Canada), GOP staffers will swarm the suburbs, and the city’s commercial real estate market will boom as lobbyists flock to K Street offices in order [...]

Are Elections Good for the Real Estate Market?

Every place has its cyclical population trends: Could be the whaling season, or a perfect snow year. In D.C., the cycle is elections, with a biannual shift in who works on the Hill. Some years have a bigger swing than others, though, and this year was a doozy: The Post's Al Kamen estimated that about [...]