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Norton Calls for a Wee Bit More Power in Congress

That old trope about it being better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Eleanor Holmes Norton isn't buying it.
The District's non-voting congressional delegate is pushing to get a little bit less non-voting by winning back a right she once had: to vote in the House of Representatives' Committee of [...]

Congress’ Biggest D.C. Advocates Weigh in on Lieberman Bill

With two weeks left in the 112th Congress, retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman surprised the District yesterday by introducing the "New Columbia Admissions Act" to make D.C. the 51st state. The bill—the first D.C. statehood measure introduced in the Senate since 1993—is seen as symbolic, given that no committee hearings have been scheduled on the measure [...]

UDC: The Outtakes

Celebrating a pretty plaza.

I've got a cover story this week on the travails of the University of the District of Columbia, which is looking at some massive downsizing in the near future. As usual, not everything fit in the print version, so here are some excessed thoughts:

The question that occurred to me when [...]

Holmes Norton Says She’s Torn on the Height Act

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton wasn't happy at my impatience over her statement last week that her "support for the Height Act is as strong as ever." We were talking about something else, and she launched into an explanation.
"The fact is it is true that what distinguishes a city is its scale. The scale has a [...]

Does D.C. Need Tour Buses?

I wrote a cover story this week about Union Station: How much more it could be than it is, if all its component parts could work together more cohesively (and if hundreds of millions of dollars become available over the next five years). One of the pieces that's getting pushed out as others expand is [...]

Want a Memorial in the District? Make Sure to Pay the Politicians.

Today, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced legislation with Rep. Ken Calvert, Republican of California, to establish a memorial to the Fair Housing movement somewhere on federal land in the District. "The memorial speaks to the progress we have made in fair housing, but also reminds us of the distance we still have to [...]

Union Station Can’t Get It Together

The transit world was abuzz yesterday with news of the Obama administration's $2 billion worth of improvements for high-speed rail service in the Northeast Corridor, Midwest, and California. Guess who missed out? The District, of course.
Specifically, Union Station, which hasn't had major infrastructure improvements since the 1980s, and has only increased Metro station capacity by [...]

On Height Limits, It’s Time For a Plan

Mayor Vince Gray's mention of his support for raising height limits east of the Anacostia seems to have touched a nerve: Even NewsChannel8 got interested in the subject (yeah yeah, my quote's nonsensical and they repeat the myth that building height limits were instituted to preserve monumental views, but it's T.V.).
The depressing thing: The city's [...]

Report: Solar Decathlon Skips the District, Moves to National Harbor [UPDATE]

UPDATE, 11:00 a.m. – Decathlete spokeswoman Elisabeth Neigert called to clarify: Contra the E&E article, she hasn't actually heard that National Harbor is more likely than any of the other proposed alternatives (which include RFK stadium). Given that the Department of Energy isn't confirming or denying anything, and that Neigert and E&E seem to have [...]

Jason Chaffetz Will Not Be Our Overlord–But the New Guy Might be Worse

UPDATE, 1:30 p.m. – Whoops: Mike DeBonis is reporting that Bilbray's been removed from the Oversight Committee, which means we don't know who'll be in charge of the District's fate come January.
The GOP golden boy, a favorite of new Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa, proved too ambitious for the grunt assignment of [...]