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Who Cares What Susan Eisenhower Thinks?

The hated tapestries.

Yesterday, Congress poked its nose into the debate over the Eisenhower Memorial on Maryland Avenue SW, which neoclassists upset with Frank Gehry's design have had remarkable success in elevating to a fever pitch on the Internet. Much of the coverage and the opposition thus far has centered on the objections of Eisenhower [...]

The Eisenhower Memorial: Keeping Score

Frank Gehry's latest design for the Eisenhower Memorial was supposed to go before the National Capital Planning Commission last week. Instead, the Eisenhower Memorial Commission pushed it off, and released new images of the sculptural elements of the design, apparently in an attempt to deflect attention away from the giant metal "tapestries" that had attracted [...]

Watch Out Frank Gehry, Your Design’s On Notice

Remember the National Civic Art Society, the group that opposed D.C.'s wacky modern libraries? They're back in action this week with the winners of a design contest for alternatives to Frank Gehry's somewhat-outside-the-box plan for the Eisenhower Memorial on Maryland Avenue SW, which boardmembers felt would be an "uncivil, brutal insult to the classical city [...]

The Education Plaza That Could Have Been

With all the grumbling surrounding Frank Gehry's designs for the Eisenhower Memorial, it seemed timely to dig out a concept that once emerged as an alternative for the barren space in front of the Department of Education Building: A park devoted to, well, education. Back in 2001, the Project for Public Spaces–which has since inaugurated [...]

Prospects Not Looking Good for Eisenhower “Tapestries”

Oh Frank Gehry, can't you make anyone in D.C. happy?
In designing the Eisenhower Memorial planned for the anonymous plot of land southeast of the Museum of the American Indian, Gehry has proposed three alternatives: One with a circle of columns and blocks cut through by Maryland Avenue, a similar design that diverts traffic around it [...]