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Met Branch Fail

On a typical weekday evening, the Metropolitan Branch Trail is quiet, save for a few biking commuters who got stuck late at the office. Last Friday wasn’t typical. Convened hastily by community leaders, a group of about 60 cyclists and neighbors took to the trail—on foot, instead of on two wheels—in response to the latest [...]

It’s Not Easy Getting Green

Walking through the streets of NoMa these days, you get the sense you’ve stepped into a well-played game of SimCity. Crisp and glassy, it’s a commercial zone, to be sure, and a strategically placed one: It’s served by three major thoroughfares, two Metro stations, all the regional and Amtrak train lines passing through Union Station, [...]

Extra Park Space for McMillan? Not in My Reservoir

In response to my post yesterday on the controversy over the development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, a number of readers commented that the community desire for additional park space could be satisfied by incorporating a portion of the McMillan reservoir area across First Street NW. The reservoir and its surrounding green space are [...]

D.C.’s Biggest Development Project: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow?

Twenty-five years ago, the D.C. government paid $9.3 million for a 25-acre site along North Capitol Street that it hoped to develop into a mixed-use community. And for a quarter century, the McMillan Sand Filtration Site has sat fenced off and vacant, a waste of valuable space that leaves most passersby wondering about the vaguely [...]

While North Capitol Firehouse Waits at the Bank, Politicians Come Knocking

Could the third time be the charm for Brian Brown?
The NextGen construction executive has been after the firehouse on North Capitol street and Quincy since 2003, submitting an unsolicited proposal before the city was even ready to dispose of the property. The District awarded him the building in 2006, and the future looked bright: Café [...]

St. Martin’s Apartments, An Update

Yesterday, on my way back from Big Chair Coffee 'n Grill, I stopped by Eckington to check out construction on the St. Martin's Apartments, which I reported on last year (two years ago! This 2010 thing hasn't sunk in yet.)
Certain neighbors tried to block the project—an affordable housing complex with 178 units at my last [...]

Fenty Orders Eckington Demolition That Was Already Ordered in 2006

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Adrian M. Fenty is the closest D.C. has ever come to an imperial mayor. He refuses to answer questions about various business and personal trips. He hogs baseball tickets. He snaps his fingers and people get fired.
On April 23, the mayor appeared to be at it again. On a walk-through of Eckington, Fenty [...]

Does Fenty Just Get to Demolish Buildings Willy-Nilly?

I noticed this puzzling e-mail on a listserv this morning:
Subject: [MPD-5D] Mayor Fenty's has ordered the razing of the Property at 1811 3rd St NE — Wednesday, May 6th 9:00AM
Good Morning All,
Last Thursday, April 23rd, Mayor Fenty conducted a Walk-Thru in the Eckington community. Comm Wright had great concerns about a once beautiful, but [...]

Will a Wireless Network Bridge the Oldie/Newbie Divide in Bloomingdale, Eckington?

I've written quite a bit about the Eckington/Bloomingdale area since starting this blog.
Housing Complex has covered such topics as fear and anxiety over affordable housing to joy over the latest neighborhood speed bump. One article featured a man that evoked the KKK when talking about new, white, upwardly mobile residents in the area. Another [...]

St. Martin’s Settles in at New Location

On my drive back from Saturday morning's McMillan meeting, I found myself on a familiar street: T Street Northeast, home to the St. Martin's Convent. Back in December, I wrote about the controversial decision to move this building downhill. Residents in the neighborhood tried to keep the convent in its current place to prevent a [...]