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Court Allows Hine School Development to Move Forward

The D.C. Court of Appeals today rejected arguments from neighbors against the planned 158-unit residential development on the site of the former Hine School, allowing the controversial Capitol Hill development to move forward.
A group of neighbors had appealed a March 8, 2013 decision by the Zoning Commission to approve the application of the development team, [...]

Proposal to Re-Open Street Divides Eastern Market Vendors

Indoors versus outdoors. It's a debate as old as Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Yglesias. And now it's creating a schism at Eastern Market.
Some vendors inside the market are concerned that the closure of a section of 7th Street SE on weekends to accommodate outdoor vendors is hurting the business of the indoor vendors. Customers, they argue, [...]


Coffee culture, as understood in bean-crazed locales like Seattle and Portland, has yet to take root in the District. A Starbucks or Caribou can usually be found churning out syrupy concoctions, but the classic independent shop—where espresso is an art and the food comes second—is still very hard to come by.
There are lots of reasons [...]

NIMBY Press Release of the Year

Swear to god, I'm ready to call it for the panicked e-mail that just landed in my inbox, sounding the alarm against the rapacious monstrosity proposed for the old Hine Jr. High School at Eastern Market. On Monday, the Zoning Commission set down Stanton-Eastbanc's planned unit development for a final hearing, which seems to have [...]

Eastern Market Going Dean & DeLuca? Unlikely.

Earlier this week, Councilmember Tommy Wells introduced legislation that would fundamentally alter the way Eastern Market operates. Pretty much everyone agrees that the change is necessary: Currently, the market is managed by the city, which can't respond quickly enough to funding and administrative needs that change day to day. Wells' bill would simply create a [...]

Want to Get Married in Eastern Market? That’ll Be $5,100.

The other day, I reported on this blog that Eastern Market's North Hall is again available to rent for events, just like back in the good 'ole, pre-fire days. Since the building re-opened in June, that space has housed an exhibit covering Eastern Market's history, and a tango class meets there every Thursday night! (Or [...]

Book Your Wedding at Eastern Market…

The North Hall, roughly a month and a half before Eastern Market reopened in June.
Since it reopened last June, Eastern Market's North Hall has remained curiously empty and under-used. Every time I've visited in the last few months (just a handful),  there have been a couple of people roaming around up there, plus some tables, [...]

An Explanation for the Boutique Hotel Boom

The Peebles Corp. wants to build a hotel at the site of the old Stevens School.
A while back, I wrote about the proliferation of boutique hotels–both recently-opened and in the works–in Washington D.C. and drew up a list of all the new options flooding downtown with their sleek leather furniture and funky lighting (and annoying [...]

Stanton-EastBanc Will Develop Former Hine School Site

Here's an image from the Stanton/Eastbanc plan posted online after the group's presentation in early summer.
Mayor Adrian Fenty announced this morning that a group of developers led by Stanton Development Corp. and EastBanc Inc. will usher in a new era in Eastern Market: The group will be taking over the former Hine Junior High School site, [...]

National Leadership Campus Loses Hine Opportunity

Late yesterday afternoon, the city announced it had once again narrowed its list of developers competing to redevelop Hine Junior High School's site near Eastern Market. 
From four finalists, only one group got the axe: The National Leadership Campus, a non-profit concept, backed by billionaire Peter B. Lewis, chairman of the  Progressive Corporation.