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Court Allows Hine School Development to Move Forward

The D.C. Court of Appeals today rejected arguments from neighbors against the planned 158-unit residential development on the site of the former Hine School, allowing the controversial Capitol Hill development to move forward.
A group of neighbors had appealed a March 8, 2013 decision by the Zoning Commission to approve the application of the development team, [...]

Franklin School Draws Interest From Four Developers

The Franklin School isn't the easiest property to develop. The gorgeous 1869 building has a central location on 13th Street NW, but it has the potential to scare off developers in several ways. First, it's crumbling. Second, both the exterior and parts of the interior have a historic designation, meaning that developers can't significantly alter [...]

The Incredible Growing—And Shrinking—Hine Development

Swear to God, if I were trying to build things in this city, I'd propose the biggest possible project at the outset of a public negotiation, anticipating that it would shrink by at least 10 percent during the process. Above is the difference between the proposed office building at the Eastern Market Metro stop—after developer [...]

Sale Watch: U Street, Melody Records, Patriot’s Parking Lots

A few interesting property transactions over the past few months:

The District bought a cluster of parking lots on Okie Street NE from Patriot Equities, the company that tried and failed to develop the Hechts Warehouse right nearby, for $16,750,000. All the Department of General Services could tell me is that they'll be used to consolidate multiple [...]

NIMBY Press Release of the Year

Swear to god, I'm ready to call it for the panicked e-mail that just landed in my inbox, sounding the alarm against the rapacious monstrosity proposed for the old Hine Jr. High School at Eastern Market. On Monday, the Zoning Commission set down Stanton-Eastbanc's planned unit development for a final hearing, which seems to have [...]

EastBanc Branches Out with Huge Buys on U Street, Bladensburg

Jonathan O'Connell sure buried the lede in this little profile of developer Anthony Lanier (whose raffish demeanor has made him an attractive subject for many a D.C. scribe). His company, EastBanc, has bought or has secured the contract for two big parcels in rapidly developing corridors outside his Georgetown home base: 1250 U Street NW, [...]

Why Occupy D.C. Is Wrong About the West End Library Deal

Looks like a Zoning Commission hearing this evening on Eastbanc's plan for the West End Library and Firehouse is going to be more exciting than normal, with folks from Occupy D.C. and other assorted activists on hand to protest "the arbitrary suspension of existing zoning rules in the interest of multinational corporations." As part of [...]

In the Perilous World of D.C. Development, a Christmas Gift

Navigating the District’s byzantine regulatory processes is no easy feat: An alphabet soup of codes and boards determines what you’re allowed to build where, costing potentially thousands of dollars if you don’t get it right the first time.
One entrepreneur, Shannon Christmas, is hoping that’s enough to drive renovators and builders to seek expert assistance. Over [...]

D.C.’s Disappearing Gas Stations

District drivers will have one fewer place to fill up starting in 2012, when the Key Bridge gas station at 3607 M Street NW gets demolished to make way for new condos, the Business Journal reported on Friday. EastBanc, which has developed large chunks of Georgetown and the West End, plans about 35 new condos [...]

All Libraries Are Expensive

Yesterday, the estimable Michael Neibauer broke down the cost of the new West End Library, to be built by EastBanc. It seemed to him a bit much that the library itself should cost $2.5 million, while everything else ran the cost up to a total of $9 million.
Now, I'm not certain that EastBanc isn't bilking [...]