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More on the City’s $900,000 Grant to the Closing Yes!

My column today looks at the upcoming closure of the only Yes! Organic Market east of the Anacostia River and its implications for future retail in the area. But due to space constraints, I wasn't able to delve too deeply into the history of the $900,000 grant the city provided in 2010 for Yes! owner [...]

The Organic Verses

There were just two shoppers at the Yes! Organic Market in Fairlawn last Friday afternoon. Entire aisles of refrigerated shelves were empty and dark, never to be refilled.
“This is the healthiest place to go,” said Lachuna Johnson, 24, who lives near Good Hope Road SE in Anacostia. “The other places have more artificial food. Today, [...]

Upgrades at “Needle Park”

D.C. history lesson time!
What sweet urban oasis was dubbed "Needle Park" due to rampant drug use? Our east-of-the-river expert doesn't know.