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Dupont Underground Seeks Success in a Space Haunted by Failure

"The whole point is to create a blank shell to begin to experiment."

It’s Official: The Arts Are Going Underground in Dupont

An old trolley space under Dupont Circle will be transformed into an arts exhibition hall.

Underground Art Goes Literal in Dupont

Finally, the subterranean former streetcar space is getting some new life.

Dupont Underground May Go Temporary

Everything is ephemeral these days, so why not a cavernous ex-streetcar tunnel beneath Connecticut Avenue?
The Dupont Underground, in fact, is one of those spaces that could use a boost of attention while it waits for a more permanent use. The Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground has had exclusive rights to the District-owned space for [...]

City of Ghosts

Photo Slideshow: Unbuilt Washington

More than any other American city, Washington is caked with layer upon layer of ideas that never made it off the boards. For every building, iconic or otherwise, there are dozens of unsuccessful attempts.
That archaeology of failure is created by two opposing forces.
On the one hand, the city’s tremendous symbolism as the [...]

Dupont Underground: Still On Track, Shopping For Tenants

It's been more than a year since the public last heard from the folks who want to build out the Dupont Underground, the 75,000-square-foot space underneath Connecticut Avenue that was once used as a trolley tunnel. With so much silence from such an ambitious project, it's easy to worry that the thing might have lost [...]