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Bricks and Mortarboard: Can New Buildings Turn Around D.C.’s Public Schools?

As class let out last Monday, the scene outside Dunbar High School felt like the close of a typical school day. Teenagers in black polos streamed into the street, where friends and family waited. A security guard urged them along, shouting repeatedly, “C’mon, let’s clear the front. Let’s go. Let’s go!”
But there was an extra [...]

The Construction of Dunbar, in Time-Lapse

You've seen the finished product; now check out the 20 months of construction that went into making the new Dunbar High School. EarthCam has had a camera trained on the construction site since December 2011. Here's what the process looked like, from the removal of the playing fields to the Monday ribbon-cutting:

Slideshow: The New Dunbar High School

There's no better way to highlight the superiority of a new school building than to leave the old one standing. And the now-vacant Dunbar High School on New Jersey Avenue NW, built in 1977, makes the new Dunbar High School next door on N Street look pretty darn good. Mayor Vince Gray (Dunbar '59) is currently [...]