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This Is the Fastest Way to Get From A to B in D.C.

Trying to figure out the best transportation mode to reach your D.C. destination? Looking for a new place to live, but want to make sure it's easy to get around from there by public transit or bike? MIT's You Are Here project has you covered.
I already gave this project a mention in my Morning Links earlier this week, [...]

America (and Particularly D.C.) Has Passed Peak Driving, Study Finds

Driving in America is on the decline, and D.C. is leading the way.
After a 60-year "driving boom" in which the average American drove more miles each year, that trend has finally reversed in the past decade. One strain of conventional wisdom is that the decline in driving in recent years is due to the recession: [...]

More People, Less Driving

The Washington regional population is booming—but more people doesn't mean more driving, according to a report out today from the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.
The region's population grew by nearly 350,000 people, or 7.3 percent, between 2005 and 2011, the report states, but total daily driving hardly budged, holding firm right around 110 million [...]