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Downtown to get Eco-fied

Hey, it's Earth Week! Which means everybody's rolling out their environmental initiatives and talking up their successes (Mayor Vince Gray is even holding his weekly press briefing outside tomorrow in honor of the occasion). Add another to the list: The Downtown Business Improvement District, which will announce plans on Thursday to create an "ecodistrict" across [...]

Coke Gets the Mall, Pepsi Gets Downtown

A few months ago, the National Park Service announced a partnership with Coca Cola to bring recycling cans to the National Mall. Not to be outdone, PepsiCo is working with the Downtown Business Improvement District and the D.C. Department of Public Works to start an even cooler recycling program, involving something called a "Dream Machine." [...]

Fenty and Gray Carve Up the Real Estate World

On Monday, Jonathan O'Connell drilled down into the economic development platforms of Mayor Adrian Fenty and would-be mayor Vince Gray. In a nutshell, he concludes that while Fenty has gone for big developments–many of which haven't yet been built–Gray would focus on fewer projects, and emphasize the steady-job-generating tourism industry. We also get a bit [...]

The Barnes Dance is On at 7th and H [VIDEO!]

About an hour ago, DDOT staff ripped paper off new signage announcing a new paradigm: Cars will no longer be able to turn through Chinatown's busiest intersection. Rather, the red light brings all traffic to a stop at once, and pedestrians cross whichever way they need to go–which will hopefully ease the sense of hopping [...]

Downtown’s Problem: Too Much Commercial Space, Not Enough Housing

One of the biggest problems facing Downtown is as plain as the empty storefronts along F Street: There’s too much commercial space for the demand, and hundreds of thousands of square feet are in the pipeline. Meanwhile, folks wanting to live downtown have increasingly limited options.
That’s the takeaway from the (otherwise very upbeat) Downtown BID’s [...]

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1311 H Street–Not one of the corridor's more charming properties
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(5) Valerie Santos Named Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

In 11 Years, D.C. Has Developed 96 Downtown Surface Lots/Development Sites

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The Downtown BID just released some stats from its "State of Downtown Report," which will be available in its entirety tomorrow. Among the interesting findings:
From 1997 through 2008, $9.5 billion was invested in Downtown BID area development, reducing the number of surface parking lots and development sites from 115 in 1997 to just [...]