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Five Maps and Charts That Explain D.C.’s Growth

Why downtown is the past and Ward 5 is the future.

Downtown: Built Up, but Not Yet Fully Built Out

D.C.'s downtown has come a long way from the days of vast surface parking lots, and with the big CityCenterDC project nearing completion, it might appear as if downtown is just about at capacity (barring a change to the Height Act, that is). But Rich Bradley, executive director of the Downtown Business Improvement District, says the [...]

For D.C.’s Bikers, More Cushion for the Pushin’

"If you build it, they will come." It's the go-to quote among optimists in development circles, used in discussions of everything from parks to neighborhoods to retail centers. But when it comes to D.C.'s bike infrastructure—that's how Jim Sebastian of the District Department of Transportation used it at a media luncheon yesterday on the city's bike [...]

Why Performance Parking Will Underperform

Yesterday, TBD bemoaned the fact that parking downtown will get more expensive under D.C.'s new performance parking regime, illustrating the high occupancy rate of on-street spaces with samples taken by the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District. The thing is, those samples by no means represent the totality of parking available downtown, because they don't take [...]

BID Heads Do Pretty Well

The other day, I raised my eyebrows at Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District President Richard Bradley's $405,000 salary last year (that's quite a bit more than most of the leaders of the free world). But in proportion to what the BID draws in its special assessment tax, and compared to the other BIDs around the [...]

Labor: Union-Busting BID Director is the One Percent!

Earlier this spring, the Downtown DC Business Improvement District had to call off its annual power breakfast for the release of the State of Downtown report, worried that a protest by their red-jacketed Safety and Maintenance workers (SAMs) might make the mucketymucks in attendance uncomfortable. Their grievance: The 100-ish-person staff had narrowly voted to join [...]

Chinatown Park Facelift to Get Started…In the Spring

The National Park Service has been planning to do something, sort of, with Reservation 72—otherwise known as Chinatown Park at 5th and I Streets NW—for about six years now. The Commission on Fine Arts signed off on the improvements back in 2004, after all. It's taken since then to secure permits and funding, and the [...]

Slow Train

It sure is a beautiful vision: For years now, District officials have regaled citizens with tales of light rail from other coasts and countries. They’ve commissioned studies that depict streetcars as economic-development fairy dust, brightening every community that they touch. And now that the city has completed roadwork on H Street NE, the newly track-inlaid [...]

The Prophet Motive

In early April, the city’s development mucketymucks gathered at 10th and H streets NW to celebrate the official start of something that was nearly two decades in the making: Construction on CityCenterDC, a massive residential and retail project on the site of the old convention center. It was one of the first truly hot spring [...]

Faced With Union Protest, Downtown BID Cancels Report Release

Bright and early tomorrow morning, the Downtown Business Improvement District was scheduled to release its annual State of Downtown Report, a splashy event at the Newseum typically attended by the city's development mucketymucks. But in the last few days, they learned that the event would be protested by some of their own staff: The red-suited [...]