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Anacostia Business Improvement District Almost Off the Ground

It's been in the works for years, and now the Anacostia Business Improvement District—a formal structure that will levy taxes on property owners to make the neighborhood more attractive—is just waiting on its final approval from the city to get started.
The effort got rolling in earnest in 2008, when Councilmember Marion Barry introduced legislation that [...]

As Mayoral Buzz Quiets, Don Peebles to Headline D.C. Chamber Luncheon [UPDATE]

The Don Peebles buzzmeter has been on the fritz for six months now, as he thought about running for mayor, decided against it, changed his mind, and then decided to decide later. The chattering classes seem to have lost patience with the real estate mogul's waffling; he hasn't been heard from since Tom Sherwood told [...]

Don Peebles’ Early D.C. Days: Marion Barry, Political Favors, and Tax Appeals…

Don Peebles is still making his mind up about this whole running for mayor business. But in the meanwhile, he's doing interviews with local reporters (see this exchange with Jonetta Rose Barras), and rubbing elbows at very high profile, invite-only events around town (okay Washington City Paper's Adams Morgan holiday party.) Anyway, as promised, here's [...]

Just Watch This Don Peebles Video…

Yesterday, that man above on the right, Don Peebles, announced his intentions of running for mayor. He'll make a final decision by the end of the year—and likely go for it, as long as D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray doesn't decide to run first. (Oh what do you know: Peebles actually showed up to [...]

Stevens Elementary—Officially the Most Contentious Development Deal of the Year?

Yeah—I think so!
That little downtown building up there is causing a lot of trouble.
Here is a brief history:

When the legendary Stevens Elementary School closed down, nine companies from around the country bid to take over its West End campus. (That was the greatest number of offers generated from any other school redevelopment opportunity in recent [...]