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Will This Restaurant Pavilion Thing at St. Elizabeths Actually Work?

Yesterday, the District announced with much fanfare a request for proposals to design and build some sort of structure on the East Campus of St. Elizabeths that, theoretically, will house lots of little restaurants come this time next year. Think Boston's Faneuil Hall, San Francisco's Ferry Building, or hey, the reborn Union Market. It's gonna [...]

Another Chunk of City Land Back Up For Grabs: 7th and Rhode Island

Gradually, gradually, the city is scrapping Adrian Fenty-era-and-earlier plans for redevelopment projects on government land—either killed by the economy or fumbled by the last administration—and throwing them back out for bid. Up this week: Parcel 42, otherwise known as the big empty lot on the northeast corner of 7th and Rhode Island Avenue NW, kitty [...]

Why the Circulator’s Going to Skyland: A Theory

Since last November, the District Department of Transportation has been thinking through ways to run a Circulator east of the Anacostia River. Their greatest ambitions were curtailed by the realization that they had only six buses to work with, which meant the route had to be shorter. So now, the route will go from the [...]

District Putting Georgia Avenue Property Back on the Market

For the last four years or so, the one-story building at 6428 Georgia Avenue NW—a former Blockbuster in a pretty good location, at the intersection with Piney Branch Road next to a Safeway—has had a blue-and-yellow sign on it heralding the "Park East Condos" that would sell from "the low $200s."
Well, that plan didn't work [...]

Stevens School: New Process, Same People?

More than two years after the Adrian Fenty administration tried to sell off the historic Stevens Elementary School, Vince Gray's economic development team is starting over.
In what stands as one of the worst-handled real estate projects of Fenty's term—in an area with one of the most activist set of neighborhood associations in the city—nine bids [...]

Price of a 24-Hour Downtown Restaurant: $4.5 Million

In 2004, the city set up a $30 million pot of money known as tax increment financing—debt to be paid off by future increased tax revenues in a given geographical area—to attract large, signature retailers to the downtown core. Dollops from that pot are responsible for some of the biggest brand names D.C.'s got: $1.75 [...]

Starting Over At Walter Reed

So, all that visioning and planning and approving that went on over the last months of 2010 to figure out what to do with the District's portion of Walter Reed? Take a deep breath, kids, because we're starting the clock over again. With the new footprint that's finally been hashed out with the State Department, [...]

Hoskins Does the Rounds

It's Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor L. Hoskins' first week on the job, and he's been meeting with the relevant folks, speaking to the appropriate groups, and generally getting to know the District (he took a couple of tours over the first two weekends after he was appointed, making sure to hit [...]

A “Common App” For Permits?

Along with transportation and infrastructure, the Gray Transition has come out with a report on economic development. Primarily, it recommends the drafting of new master plans (on the green economy and traffic issues) and the establishment of new supervisory bodies (a Creative Economy Leadership Council, a quasi-governmental authority to handle large development projects, and a [...]

Harriet Tregoning Predicts the Future

In a whale of a Friday afternoon news dump, Michael Neibauer reports from the press conference announcing Victor Hoskins' nomination as Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development that mayor Vince Gray is planning to bring back a development authority:
He also plans to reestablish quasi-public entities, like the disbanded Anacostia Waterfront Corp. and the National [...]