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District Exploring a Semi-Privatized Streetcar, Bus System

Well, this could be a way to build a massive infrastructure project without busting the city's budget: The District Department of Transportation is asking for ideas on how to bring in private capital for a 22-mile chunk of the original 37-mile streetcar system, and build it over the next five to seven years.
A request for [...]

Don’t Worry, Grandma, D.C.’s Not Taking 10th Street Away

Chill out, downtowners: The District Department of Transportation had contemplated trying to block off 10th Street between E and F Streets to vehicular traffic, but howls of protest put the proposal back on ice.
The city didn't even want to do it because of the urbanist value of creating a pedestrian space where people could spread [...]

D.C. Considers Closing Ford’s Theater Block to Cars

You know what downtown D.C. doesn't really have? A pedestrian mall. That could change, if a city proposal flies.
Specifically, the District Department of Transportation is shopping a pilot project that would close the block of 10th Street NW between E and F Street to vehicular traffic. It's a good spot to try, given that the [...]

Big Empty Piece of Land Nearby? It Might Be Up For Grabs.

Last week, the news broke that a 2.7-acre scrap of land where Irving Street meets Kenyon Street just northwest of Washington Hospital Center would be turned into a community garden/orchard/dog park/farmers market named after Wangari Maathai, the Nobel Prize-winning tree planter of Kenya. And there was much rejoicing among nearby park-starved residents. But who were [...]

DDOT Picks New Guy to Head Up Streetcar, Bikeshare, Circulator

Since former streetcar czar Scott Kubly left for greener pastures (and his old boss) in Chicago, the District's snazzy red transit innovations—Bikeshare, the Circulator, the streetcar—have been under interim management. The head of the appropriately-named Progressive Transportation Services Administration is an important pick, since these transit systems are relatively new and rapidly evolving, and the District [...]

District Might Fast Track Georgia Avenue Streetcar to Walter Reed

The now-former site of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is a prime site for development for lots of reasons: It's a big contiguous lot on a couple of major thoroughfares in the middle of relatively dense, prosperous neighborhoods. What it doesn't have is a metro stop, and a planned streetcar route is so far [...]

This Wouldn’t Happen if D.C. Owned its Sidewalks

Willard Intercontinental Hotel, sidewalk hog. (Lydia DePillis)

The sidewalk in front of the Willard Intercontinental Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, right across from the White House, is one of the most spacious in the city. And yet, the hotel's Cafe du Parc has seen fit to take up almost the entire thing, such that a pedestrian could [...]

The Never Ending Tourmobile

There’s something comfortingly nostalgic about the blue and white tour buses that trundle around the National Mall—low to the ground, license-plate-free—every day except the Fourth of July and Christmas. The Tourmobile’s old school-bus-style bench seats, the retro font, and the festive patter of tour narrators as they herald each upcoming attraction call to mind a [...]

Getting What We Can, Transit-Wise, Out of Ward 5 Walmart

In March, we learned about how the Office of Planning had nudged WV Urban Development into making its depressingly large, car-centric Walmart/Lowes/Other Chain Store project on New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road NE slightly more people-friendly. Now, the District Department of Transportation has seen what it needs to sign off on the plan as well, [...]

Klingle Trail Hurdles NEPA, But Don’t Expect Action Soon

Could it be coming to an end? Could it possibly?
Well, a part of it, at least. Today, the District Department of Transportation released its National Environmental Policy Act-required Finding of No Significant Impact (affectionately known as a Fonzi) on a plan for the Klingle Trail–the washed-out road that once connected Woodley Park with Beach Drive [...]