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Here Comes the Sun: D.C.’s Solar Power Industry Tries to Grow-Around Pepco

Skyline Innovations, a one-year-old solar installation startup, feels straight out of 1999: Instead of a glassy downtown office, the seven-person staff operates out of a corner room in Affinity Lab, a communal workspace in Adams Morgan. Tasks are managed using a bulletin board covered with index cards, and typical work attire includes a T-shirt and [...]

Get Your Free Reusable Grocery Baggies Here!

So you've probably heard the news: Starting on Friday, disposable plastic bags cost an extra 5 cents in D.C. grocery stores. These bags are clogging up the Anacostia River! They must be stopped. Anyway, the fee was passed into law this past July. Nothing you can do about it now—except pick up free reusable bags [...]

Something Wrong With This Picture?

I spotted this mobile advertisement up in Columbia Heights a little more than a week ago–and then an identical skinny truck drove by me near Cleveland Park a few days later.
It appears the truck(s) carries no cargo or passengers. It simply drives around, clogging up the roads, doing what trucks do, to promote free home [...]