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The “Gentrification Myth” Myth

Gentrification doesn't exist. Also, it's good for the poor. That's the paradoxical argument we're hearing these days.

In Transient D.C., Low-Income Residents Likelier to Leave

Your odds of leaving the city are cut by two-thirds if you have kids.

The No Luck Club: Three Films on Displacement in D.C.

On a given weekend night in Chinatown, there are probably more Vapiano diners or Lucky Strike bowlers than there are Chinese people. If you took away the iconic H Street arch and the gratuitous Chinese lettering on many of the businesses, most visitors would think they were in a typical downtown commercial district, not a [...]


The support crew had already removed the red carpet, so Mayor Vince Gray trod gingerly across the ice, from the Olympia ice resurfacer he’d been driving to the festive crowd of neighbors, public officials, and Washington Capitals cheerleaders. He stepped inside the airy Park Tavern restaurant for a snack of smoked salmon, charcuterie, and cider [...]