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District Moves to Expand Affordable Housing With Sustainability in Mind

“We have a moral responsibility to serve the folks that need this kind of healthy and efficient housing, to make it happen."

With Crises Looming, New Housing Chief Lays Out Her Strategy

Polly Donaldson could help the agency pivot toward tackling homelessness.

It’s March Madness for Development, as Bowser Announces New Projects

Which development contract will be eliminated next?

Museum Square Owner Sues City Over Legislation

It's the latest volley in the ongoing battle of the Section 8 complex.

Use It or Lose It: A Legislative Tool to Save Affordable Housing Hasn’t Been Funded

More than six years after the District Opportunity to Purchase Act became law, it's never been used.

Legal Fixes Won’t Help Museum Square Tenants, City Says

Last June, residents of the Museum Square Apartments at 401 K St. NW learned that their building would be demolished unless they could come up with $250 million. After that threat of displacement, though, everything seemed to go the tenants' way. Then-D.C. Councilmember David Catania quickly drafted emergency legislation to prevent landlords from charging these exorbitant [...]

After Historic Anacostia Facade Collapses, Neighbors Charge City With “Demolition by Neglect”

"They knew that it was decaying, and they didn’t do anything about it."

City Strikes Deal to Preserve Affordability at Threatened Shaw Building

The building had become a symbol of the city's failure to anticipate expiring affordability covenants and take steps to preserve those affordable units.

City Looks to Unload 36 Vacant Properties in Wards 6 and 8

About a third of the units developed would be reserved for households making less than 80 percent of the area median income.

D.C. Tells Shaw Building Owner It Can’t Raise Rents on Low-Income Tenants

The city says the owner can't raise the rent on 63 of the units to market levels until 2049.