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Museum Square Residents Will Again Rally Ahead of Section 8 Contract Expiration

“[The tenants] are human beings with hardworking, immigrant families."

Maine Avenue Fish Market Tenants File Preliminary Injunction Against Wharf Developers

The tenants of the Maine Avenue Fish Market have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against the developers of The Wharf.

“The Gentrification” Comes to Congress Heights

The neighborhood's most mysterious project has started to sell.

A Former D.C. Planner Returns to Find His Waterfront Vision Largely Realized

An ex-planning chief calls the Navy Yard revival "one of the most remarkable urban transformations in the United States."

Can Anacostia Plan Redevelopment in Advance?

Now that some growth is coming to the neighborhood, residents hope to manage it.

NoMa’s Transformation, Courtesy of Metro

From zero residences to 3,057

In a Changing Washington, Lots of Stuff

As it does nearly every year, the New York Times discovered D.C. dining yesterday. The conceit of the story was the same as all the others: High-quality restaurants are—magically, mysteriously—materializing in heretofore wastelands like "once-dicey Adams Morgan," "the emerging neighborhood of Bloomingdale just blocks from a public-housing project," and "the once highly shady Logan Circle." To spare you [...]

Why Is St. Elizabeths Such a Snoozer?

The results are in: Five teams are officially interested in developing a key portion of the city-owned St. Elizabeths East Campus near the Congress Heights Metro. A couple of the firms have extensive experience east of the Anacostia River, but what's conspicuous is the lack of heavy-hitter development firms in the mix. Where are the likes [...]

All the D.C. Maps You’ll Ever Need

You could spend hours playing with the recently upgraded D.C. Geographic Information System. Having done so myself, I'll save you the trouble. Here, in no particular order, are a few dozen maps of the geography of all sorts of city features you never even considered, plus a few you may actually have been curious about. [...]

Parks and Wreck

When city officials began planning the neighborhood that’s now NoMa in the 1990s, their goal was simple: turn a wasteland into a productive area. Planners never gave much thought to making it a proper neighborhood, instead conceiving of it as more of an office park that would take advantage of the proximity to Union Station [...]