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Why Is St. Elizabeths Such a Snoozer?

The results are in: Five teams are officially interested in developing a key portion of the city-owned St. Elizabeths East Campus near the Congress Heights Metro. A couple of the firms have extensive experience east of the Anacostia River, but what's conspicuous is the lack of heavy-hitter development firms in the mix. Where are the likes [...]

All the D.C. Maps You’ll Ever Need

You could spend hours playing with the recently upgraded D.C. Geographic Information System. Having done so myself, I'll save you the trouble. Here, in no particular order, are a few dozen maps of the geography of all sorts of city features you never even considered, plus a few you may actually have been curious about. [...]

Parks and Wreck

When city officials began planning the neighborhood that’s now NoMa in the 1990s, their goal was simple: turn a wasteland into a productive area. Planners never gave much thought to making it a proper neighborhood, instead conceiving of it as more of an office park that would take advantage of the proximity to Union Station [...]

Development Showdown: Florida Avenue Proposals Go Head to Head

This afternoon, two development teams are meeting with a panel of city officials. The future of Florida Avenue NW north of U Street hangs in the balance. Will the neighborhood get a Harris Teeter supermarket, an extension of W Street, apartments, and a hotel? Or a specialty goods market, a grand concourse, restaurants, and a [...]

Bloomingdale Group Prepares Vote of No Confidence in ANC Over McMillan

If you needed more evidence that passions run high when it comes to development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, the Bloomingdale Civic Association's got you covered.
The organization, upset by ANC 5C's decision to support the plan over objections from some community members, has prepared a vote of no confidence in the neighborhood commission—and it [...]

Fenty Announcing Ft. Totten 80 Million Project Today?

On Jan. 2, this message landed in my mailbox:
Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will announce the District has reached a deal with Lowe Enterprises and Jacksophie Development to dispose of a District-owned property that will be redeveloped into an $80 million mixed-use project near the Ft. Totten Metrorail Station. The project is one phase of a [...]

Developers: What Now?

The Washington Business Journal has a series of articles out today about the state of the local market and various construction projects in the area. How many cavernous holes are we going to be looking at in the next few years? Hard to know, considering that developers won't reveal their financing plans. "Of course, that [...]