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City Puts Another Decaying Historic School Up For Grabs

This November, the Alexander Crummell School on Gallaudet and Kendall Streets NE will mark its 100th birthday. But it's not really in a position to celebrate. The decaying brick hulk, placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, has been bereft of students since the late 60s. In a 2000 City Paper cover [...]

Fancy Police Technology Lab Fully Glassed Up

Since touring the construction site for a story on union unrest last fall, I've been watching District's $220 million Consolidated Forensics Laboratory come out of the ground. One of the few municipal buildings in Federal Center southwest, it's really quite a striking building, and Councilmember Phil Mendelson gets really excited talking about the cutting-edge criminal [...]

D.C. to Get Its Own GSA

More budget chunks! Mayor Vince Gray is using his budget to quietly announce major policy changes. For example: Merging the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization with the Department of Real Estate Services as well as the capital construction and real estate management functions of the Department of Parks and Recreation and Fire and Emergency [...]

Reeves Center Deli Claims Political Vendetta in City’s Eviction Attempt

Fitwi "John" Tekeste has operated his Municipal Deli in the Reeves Center on U Street for the last 20 years. And he's pretty sure that the city's recent move to end that run is just revenge by outgoing Fenty officials.
"It's kind of political. The problem is, I support Mr. Gray," he says, surrounded by [...]

D.C. Buildings Chief Won’t Serve in Gray Administration

Little birds are telling Housing Complex this morning that Robin-Eve Jasper, director of the Department of Real Estate Services, has announced that she won't be sticking with the job in January. That will make her the person to make it official, after D.C. Fire Department chief Dennis Rubin bolted back in October (not counting former [...]

City Urged Not to Offload Franklin School

At this point, after having received one viable bid in response to its RFP for redeveloping the landmarked Franklin School at 13th and K Street NW as a luxury hotel, the City Council could still vote to get it off the books. But it would be difficult to claim any degree of community support for [...]