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Mi Casa es Su Casa: In Columbia Heights, a homeless shelter closes its doors, and nobody’s in a hurry to replace it.

Irving Street NW in Columbia Heights has gone through some growing pains in the last decade. Buildings have mushroomed on vacant lots, but haven’t yet filled out—glassy storefronts are still covered with brown paper, even as young people with disposable income pour into the residential towers clustered around the Metrorail station.
One thing hasn’t changed at [...]

Housing Authority Gets $2.5 Million for Homeless, Makes Small Dent in Cuts

The District of Columbia Housing Authority announced this morning that it had recieved a $2,529,288 competitive grant from HUD to find permanent supportive housing units for the homeless. That's great news, especially since the Department of Human Services–which usually secures such apartments–just had its budget cut by $11 million for fiscal year 2011, which was [...]

What’s Actually Happening With La Casa Shelter

Last night, neither the Zoning Commission, nor the Office of Planning, nor Donatelli Development knew what was up with the replacement of the La Casa community shelter. This morning, Councilmember Jim Graham said that “we are straightening all of this out right now.” And Michael Ferrell, the executive director of the Coalition for the Homeless—which [...]

District Begins Distributing $7.5 Million to Homeless and Struggling Families

The Washington Post reports this morning that the city is going to begin distributing $7.5 million in stimulus money this week to needy families making a maximum income of $30,000. Couldn't come at a better time as we settle into hypothermia season, which began in early November. Here are some more details on how the [...]

Homeless Services Update: Does Anyone Grasp Clarence Carter’s Promises?

One person, maybe.
If you'll recall, for the last few weeks, homeless service providers have been frantically trying to understand if they'll have enough money from the city (roughly $11 million) to remain open in the coming winter months—otherwise known as "hypothermia season."
Last week, Clarence Carter, head of the Department of Human Services, told [...]

Finally a Little Clarity on NBC’s Baffling Homeless Story

So, as I blogged a few hours ago, NBC recently aired a story about the homeless services budget crisis that was extremely short on details.
The piece claimed that city officials had vowed "an emergency 11 million dollars would be found to keep the strained programs working."  But it failed to mention where the money was [...]

NBC Offers Perplexingly Detail-Free Story on Homeless Budget Crisis

It's late in the day Friday—as I'm sure you're all aware—so I'm just going to post this video, even though I still have a few calls out regarding its subject matter:

So, the story tackles a deeply confusing subject: The homeless services budget crisis. A week ago, the Washington Post reported that the city had cut [...]

Inside The Homeless Services Budget Mess

Put your hand up if this homeless services budget crisis is confusing the hell out of you! First we heard $20 million had been cut from shelters and service providers. Then, it was $12 million...or nothing, maybe? My colleague Jason Cherkis broke down the story over on City Desk last night.
Is this any way to [...]

Homeless Advocates, City Officials Bicker Over So, So Many Things…

What would Jon Stewart call this mess if he analyzed D.C. politics?  VagRANT 2009. NoMadness 2009. Shelter Skelter 2009.
The Washington Post is reporting today on various disputes that arose during yesterday's Human Services Committee hearing after the group's chair, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells claimed  that the D.C. government had quietly cut $20 million from [...]

City Chops $20 Million from Homeless Services Budget

I'm trying to be fair and balanced here. I'm really, really trying.
So after weeks of posting about homeless shelter closures and Petworth and Columbia Heights residents rejecting a planned shelter in their neighborhood, I typed up a post entitled "A (Tiny) Bit of Good News for D.C.’s Homeless."
It was about roughly 15 homeless people moving [...]