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Gray Snags Old Name For New Housing Chief

Seems like an odd time to be reinventing your mayoralty, with rumors about federal investigations hanging low over the Wilson Building. But today, Mayor Vince Gray has some good news: He's lured Michael Kelly, who served nine years as director of the D.C. Housing Authority before being tapped by its equivalent in New York City, [...]

Inclusionary Zoning Pipeline Still Not Exactly Gushing

It's here, it's here, the first report on inclusionary zoning units that has actual information! Although the law requiring a certain percentage of new residential developments be priced below market passed back in 2007, it took a while for the regulations to kick in, so the program hasn't had much to show for itself.
Well, that's [...]

Why Inclusionary Zoning Isn’t Working Yet

In 2007, the D.C. Council passed an inclusionary zoning ordinance, which requires residential developers to price between 8 and 10 percent of units in a new building below market rates. Modeled off a Montgomery County law that has generated thousands of affordable condos and apartments since the 1970s, it's one of D.C.'s key initiatives to [...]

Vince Gray Has a Jobs Strategy. Does He Have One for Housing?

Last night, Mayor Vince Gray gave a 5,700 word speech on the state of the District, laying out his priorities on public safety, sustainability, education, and fostering new and existing industries other than the federal government (especially tech). All great things!
But for someone who covers real estate, something was obviously missing: Housing. Creating more of it, [...]

How Irresponsible is the City’s Loan Program?

The Post's Debbie Cenziper just dropped the latest installment of her investigative series on the nation's subsidized housing foibles, with a particular focus on the District. This one zooms in on D.C.'s Home Purchase Assistance Program, which provides five-year loans with really low interest rates to bring homes within mostly first-time homebuyers' reach. Just like [...]

NIMBY Watch: Anacostia Protesting Homeless Women

It's as predictable as the sunrise, from Petworth to Congress Heights to Truxton Circle to Hill East: A social services organization tries to locate a facility in a neighborhood, the neighbors feel blindsided, and the battle is joined. This time, the drama is about to play out again in the heart of Anacostia's business district, [...]

Ivy City’s Ready to Go–Now It Just Needs Buyers

It's been a rough ride for Ivy City, the neighborhood just north of Gallaudet University. It used to be known for open air drug markets, and the population decreased by a third in the 1990s, before investment started trickling in during the real estate boom. In the early 2000s, the Department of Housing and Economic [...]

Barry Blasts DHCD For Buying MLK Properties

A few months ago, we learned that the Department of Housing and Community Development had bought up the decaying houses along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE known as the "Big K" properties, after their long-time owners, Ann and Lenard Kushner. The pair had been trying to raze the buildings, but since they fall within [...]

Anacostia Gets $3 Million Shot in the Arm

While we're all mourning the loss of the TIGER II grants, which would have funded transit improvements from Bikeshare to Union Station, today brought something to celebrate in the world of federal largesse as well: A $3 million chunk of the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Sustainable Communities funding, awarded to the District's Department [...]

American Dream Gone Awry: Tenants in Columbia Heights thought buying their apartments would be easy. They were wrong.

It was the kind of deal nobody in her right mind would refuse: It’s 2005, and the owner of an apartment building in Columbia Heights wants to sell. But instead of dealing with a new landlord, the District of Columbia government offers residents an alternative. Waiving its normal credit standards and contribution requirements, the city [...]