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Rescue Mission: The Coast Guard Hasn’t Done Much for Ward 8

The U.S. Coast Guard's move to the St. Elizabeths campus was support to revitalize Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE. But neighbors have hardly noticed its presence.

Will Congress Heights and Anacostia Actually Miss DHS If It Doesn’t Move to St. Elizabeths?

The title of the January report from the House Committee on Homeland Security's Republican majority didn't leave much room for doubt on the lawmakers' position. "Reality Check Needed: Rising Costs and Delays in Construction of New DHS Headquarters at St. Elizabeths," it read. And so when another Republican-led House committee issued a report last month on [...]

A Walk Through the Wilds of St. Elizabeths

If not for the unobstructed views of the low-slung skyline across the Anacostia River, visitors to St. Elizabeths could easily forget they were in the nation's capital. Herds of regally antlered deer roam free, foxes are occasionally spotted, and a bald eagle is known to hang out in one of the trees. Civil War tombstones [...]

St. Elizabeths Master Plan Drops With Pretty New Pictures

Do not underestimate the power of charismatic renderings in getting people on board with a development vision. That's what's been missing at the St. Elizabeths east campus in Ward 8, where the District envisions a mixed-use urban center full of tech companies, educational institutions, retail, parks, new residents, a new "transit center" next to the [...]

Give the Department of Homeland Security to AU Park!

Following the progress of two large development projects–the Department of Homeland Security at St. Elizabeths in Ward 8, and American University's proposed campus plan in Ward 3–it's hard not to feel a little cognitive dissonance.
At the first, officials are struggling to figure out how on earth they're going to make a highly secure federal complex [...]

Norton: Despite Budget Cuts, St. E’s Is On Track

For long-term building projects that depend on funding from the federal government, it's hard to know whether you're going to actually finish construction if your budget is held up for three months by partisan bickering in Washington. Many projects still don't know what exactly they'll be getting after the House and Senate finally voted the [...]

When a Federal Project’s Reputation Precedes It

My column this week is about local hiring at the construction of the Department of Homeland Security headquarters at St. Elizabeths in Ward 8–why they've gotten better numbers than District projects, percentage-wise, and what that could mean for workforce development down the line. But the other piece of St. Elizabeths' impact is on opportunities for [...]

Huge New Office Blocks Heading to Poplar Point?

A development application for the 10 acres straddling Howard Road SE has landed at the Office of Planning, and it's pretty easy to understand: 1.2 million square feet of office space set up for the Department of Homeland Security as the sole tenant.
This could be the final game plan for the site, which has gone [...]

Year in Preview: D.C. Development in 2011, Before it Happens.

2010 was a big year for development in the District.
Capital markets unfroze, allowing a slew of stalled projects to break ground. Large empty spaces in the architecturally uninspired NoMa and Capitol Riverfront business improvement districts finally started to fill out. A Web-savvy smart growth constituency became a force in planning and politics, and car-centric suburbs [...]

Feds Resist Mixed-Use Development Near St. Elizabeths

UPDATE, 12:45 p.m. – At this morning's Council legislative meeting, Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry took the NCPC's advice, voluntarily striking language from the Comprehensive Plan that would have encouraged mixed-use development on the west side of Martin Luther King Avenue. The amendment to the amendments states:
It is inconsistent with the plans approved by [...]