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Enjoy This Year’s Solar Decathlon, It’s Probably D.C.’s Last

Remember that whole brouhaha about the Solar Decathlon needing to move off the National Mall in order to preserve the grass? It ended up in West Potomac Park in late September, which seemed to mollify participants, who feared having to shlep to National Harbor. Next year, however, the Department of Energy is inviting bids for [...]

12 Senators Want Solar Decathlon Back on the Mall

My, the Solar Decathletes have been busy. Since we checked in last week, they've gotten 12 U.S. senators–11 Democrats and one independent–to sign a letter asking the Secretaries of the Interior and Energy to put their event back on the National Mall.
"This is only the beginning," promises organizer Elisabeth Neigert.
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Energy Efficient or Not Energy Efficient–It’s All Labeled the Same!

The Department of Energy has been getting some great publicity—definitely on this blog—this month for its gigantic Solar Decathlon competition sprawled across the National Mall. But as DOE officials were shaking hands, making announcements, and touring various homes, someone in their department managed to leak an important, internal document to the New York Times.
Yesterday, [...]

DC Distributing $30 Million in Energy Efficiency Stimulus Funds

Two D.C. energy auditors out on the job
The Downtown Business Improvement District is reporting that Washington DC will receive $30 million in energy efficiency and conservation funding through the US Department of Energy.
The DC government plans to use 75% of the funds for agencies in need of energy efficiency improvements, with the remaining 25% going [...]

Paint Your Roof White, Save $20 a Month

If Energy Secretary Steven Chu had his way, Americans would be painting their roofs white as often as homeowners in the Greek isles.
While speaking in London in late May, he extolled the virtues of white roofs as one of the easiest, simplest ways to lower energy costs.
“If that building is air-conditioned, it’s going to be [...]