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Is the District Unconstitutionally Forcing Contractors to Hire Local?

For years now, contractors have complained about District rules that require them to hire local residents on construction projects built with city money (which, most of the time, they haven't obeyed). Last year, the D.C. Council tightened the First Source law even further, mandating that D.C. residents account for a majority of the hours worked [...]

The Week That Was

Did anything actually happen in Housing Complex world while everyone was busy recapping the last year and ringing in the next? Not much, but a few stories of note. Herewith, a review.

The Czech company that made D.C.'s first three streetcars has appealed the District's decision to award a contract for the next pair to a [...]

Meet the New Boss: Department of Employment Services’ Lisa Mallory

The Gray administration’s Department of Employment Services had a bit of a rough start, after the mayor had to fire his first pick for the top job. His second pick, Lisa Mallory, has fared substantially better. While the President tries to get a jobs bill passed, Mallory is pleading with employers to forget what negative [...]

Latest Batch of Contracts Shows Even More Pathetic First Source Compliance

Last year, an inspector general's report concluded that District had lost hundreds of jobs and million of dollars in potential tax revenue by failing to enforce First Source requirements for hiring of District residents on city-funded projects, mostly from the National Capitol Revitalization Commission era. Preliminary results from the latest batch of self-reported hiring totals, [...]

Training Day: If D.C. can get its people hired at the feds’ St. E’s, its own projects should be a snap.

On Dec. 18, 2009, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton stood in front of a group of safety vest–clad construction apprentices to announce the biggest single economic opportunity the District has ever seen: the 16,000 construction jobs to be created by the new Department of Homeland Security headquarters on the St. Elizabeths Hospital campus in Ward 8.
“We [...]

This Week in Walmart News

Since there's enough news about Walmart to fill a blog all by itself, I think I'll start doing a digest once in a while. Here's what we learned this week:

Walmart may be all about everyday low prices, but it's not skimping on its local help: Along with David Wilmot, the company has retained Venable's Claude [...]

Living Wage to Get More Livable (But it May Not Matter)

More employment news! On Monday, the Department of Employment Services issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that would raise the living wage from its current $12.10 a whole forty cents, to $12.50 per hour, retroactive to the beginning of the year. The level started at $11.75 in 2006, and has risen annually with the consumer [...]