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Blame the Feds, Not a Functionary, For Pot in Ward 5

That precious C-M-1 zoning.

The Ward 5 Heartbeat has a story in its most recent edition exposing how Zoning Administrator Matt Legrant "steered" would-be marijuana cultivation centers to their neck of the woods, alleging that even though the regulations did not themselves require the facilities to locate in manufacturing zones—which are found almost exclusively in [...]

Why Shiloh Baptist Church Hangs On to Those Vacant Properties

The one that got away.

Shiloh Baptist Church hasn't made many friends in Shaw by keeping a string of five properties on 9th Street NW north of P Street—now prime real estate in the fast-changing neighborhood—vacant for about a decade. The neighbors might not even mind as much if the church were at least open about [...]

Meet the New Boss: DCRA’s Nicholas Majett

Nicholas Majett, the newly-appointed director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, is pretty much a D.C. government lifer: Before coming to DCRA in 2006 as deputy director for inspections and compliance, he spent 19 years in the Attorney General’s office, litigating cases on the District’s behalf. Last week, Majett sat down with Housing [...]

Hock Blocked: The Family-Owned Crown Pawnbrokers Says Not All Pawnshops are Created Equal

Jessica Barakat doesn’t think of herself as a predatory lender. For nearly half a century, the law agreed, allowing her family to operate Crown Pawnbrokers at 14th and S Streets NW. The store survived the 1968 riots as well as the turbulent years that followed. And it has plugged along very nicely over the [...]

Zoned Out: The Anatomy of an Arts Overlay Disaster

Aman Ayoubi thought he was golden. One year and half a million dollars into retrofitting a long-empty building at 14th and U streets for a new restaurant and nightclub, he had a 15-year lease and two liquor licenses in the bag. Permit-wise, he figured the hard part was over.
He was wrong. On April 5, the [...]

Florida Avenue Grilling

This story will appear in this week's issue of the Washington City Paper.
Florida Avenue Grilling
A D.C. homeowner and his contractor agree on one thing: They hate each other.

When Christopher Turman wanted to take a shower, he didn’t stroll over to his bathroom like most people in the civilized world. He’d wait until his neighbors went [...]

The D.C. Real World House: Bedrooms, Game Room, and Confessional on First Floor

Update:The D.C. Real World House: Phone Room, Kitchen, Love Sacks on Second Floor
Update:The Real World DC House: The Creepy Zone
If there is any lingering doubt that Real World is happening at 2000 S Street, I think we can put that to rest. I submit to you: Building plans for the inside of the Real World [...]