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Protip: If You Want a Building to Move Faster, Check Tax Records

It's easy to bemoan the decrepit state of an historic building. Fortunately, the District has a couple of powerful tools to compel landowners to take care of them.
Take the building on the northeast corner of 11th and K Streets NW. Doug Jemal's Douglas Development bought it in 2003, and wrapped in one of the 32 [...]

A Tale of Two Razes: Preservation Office Lets the District Slide

The Historic Preservation Office has had to deal with some gnarly demolition-by-neglect cases recently. In deciding whether to grant a landlord's request to take down their decrepit building, staff have to weigh how much historical integrity the structure retains, how egregiously the owner has allowed it to deteriorate, and whether it would be possible to [...]

The Most Expensive Parking Spaces in the City?

Religious building projects often take forever to come to fruition–churches aren't developers, after all, and they do have a more expansive timeline. The Third Street Church of God in the Mount Vernon Historic District is no different. It's been trying to do something with its properties on New Jersey Avenue for a decade now, and [...]

Takoma Theater is Falling Down, Owner Still Plans to Sue

UPDATE, 5:36 p.m. – Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs director Nick Majett emailed at 10:36 a.m. this morning to say that repairs would be made today, and a private contractor would be retained to fix the window.

The Takoma Theater up on 4th and Butternut NW hasn't been looking good for a while now, but [...]

Demolition by Neglect at Takoma Theater?

It's been five months since the Office of Planning firmly denied Milton McGinty's request to demolish the Takoma Theater, his long-shuttered venue on 4th and Butternut Streets NW. Since we spoke in early June, he first insisted that he would sue in Superior Court to reverse the decision, and then backed off that promise. "I [...]