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D.C. Is One of the Most Segregated Cities in America

At least we're not Chicago.

Do You and Your Colleagues Walk to Work? You’re Probably an Economist.

And you probably work in the District, too.

Bikeshare Members Getting Whiter, Wealthier, More Male

But there's one chart that explains all these trends.

Mapping D.C.’s Growing Economic Divide

An increasing share of D.C.'s challenged neighborhoods are east of the Anacostia River.

D.C.’s New Doughnut

The relative wealth of the city and the suburbs has shifted dramatically.

The “Gentrification Myth” Myth

Gentrification doesn't exist. Also, it's good for the poor. That's the paradoxical argument we're hearing these days.

D.C., a City of Childless Singles

Three of the four ZIP codes where childless singles aren't a majority are east of the Anacostia River.

D.C.’s Divides Persist: The Mayoral Election in Graphs

Race, geography, and Muriel Bowser's vote count. In charts!

Which Teams Are D.C.’s Foreign-Born Residents Rooting For?

We're less than two hours away from perhaps the biggest show of U.S. pride that D.C. has seen since President Barack Obama's second inauguration. But there are thousands of foreign-born D.C. residents whose loyalties lie beyond red, white, and blue.
The real estate website Redfin has done us the favor of going through U.S. Census bureau data [...]

A Demographic Breakdown of the Mayoral Primary

If only the neighborhoods with the most children had turned out to vote in last week's Democratic mayoral primary, Vince Gray would be cruising to a second term. But Muriel Bowser came away the winner after dominating the areas with the lowest poverty and unemployment rates. Meanwhile, Jack Evans and Tommy Wells had their best results in the whitest precincts, while sixth-place finisher Vincent [...]