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Behold, New Streetcar Barn Renderings!

Speaking of things Ward 5 is looking to get rid of: On Thursday, the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts reviewed new plans for the proposed streetcar barn on the campus of the soon-to-close-for-renovations Spingarn High School. Which means we get to take a look at some new renderings.
The District Department of Transportation's original design was [...]

Ivy City Bus Lot Opponents Get a Gift: Alternatives

Ivy City residents have been fighting the city's plans to put a tour bus depot in their neighborhood with all they've got. In December, they won a temporary injunction from a judge against placing the depot on the lot of the defunct Alexander Crummell School until certain conditions were met. But in their struggle, they've [...]

The Organic Verses

There were just two shoppers at the Yes! Organic Market in Fairlawn last Friday afternoon. Entire aisles of refrigerated shelves were empty and dark, never to be refilled.
“This is the healthiest place to go,” said Lachuna Johnson, 24, who lives near Good Hope Road SE in Anacostia. “The other places have more artificial food. Today, [...]

How Would a Spingarn HS Closure Affect the Streetcar Barn on the Site?

One of the names of the schools targeted for closure by DCPS will jump out at anyone following the city's streetcar battles: Spingarn High School. The District Department of Transportation is planning to build a streetcar barn and training facility on the Ward 5 school's campus, over fierce objections from some neighbors. There are two [...]

For D.C.’s Bikers, More Cushion for the Pushin’

"If you build it, they will come." It's the go-to quote among optimists in development circles, used in discussions of everything from parks to neighborhoods to retail centers. But when it comes to D.C.'s bike infrastructure—that's how Jim Sebastian of the District Department of Transportation used it at a media luncheon yesterday on the city's bike [...]

Don’t Hold Your Breath for the Streetcar

That's pretty much the news out of Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's hearing this morning on the fate of the elusive D.C. streetcar. District Department of Transportation Director Terry Bellamy said that the controversy over the proposed car barn on the campus of Spingarn High School, and the related historic landmark nomination for the campus, [...]

Not Asking for a Lot

Late last year, Douglas Development Corporation presented Tenleytown residents with two options. The ground floor of an apartment building it was planning for the site of the defunct Babe’s Billiards on Wisconsin Avenue NW could either become a parking garage—or it could be devoted to retail. The local Advisory Neighborhood Commission deliberated, and at its [...]

Capital Bikeshare Rolls Out Homeless Pilot

First, the District Department of Transportation tried to reach the not-so-rich through a partnership with D.C.'s banking program, giving discounted memberships to people who sign up for a debit or credit card. Now, they're partnering with a nonprofit to try helping out more people who could really use some low-cost transportation: The homeless.
Not just any [...]

Streetcar Going Up the H Street Bridge After All

It's been a good six months since the District Department of Transportation became aware that it would need to figure out a temporary streetcar connection to Union Station while a permanent continuation through to downtown was thoroughly studied. A couple months after that point, DDOT came up with some ideas for how to do it. [...]

Clearer Pictures of How the Streetcar May End, For Now

Back in August, we learned what was under consideration for the H Street trolley's temporary connection to Union Station (after the initial idea, going through an underpass, fell through). Now, the District Department of Transportation has issued some sketches of their own, and they're a little different: The alternatives have narrowed to two, with stopping [...]