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Streetcar May Be Flawed and Ill-Fated, But It’s Not “Fatally Flawed”

The streetcar is showing signs of life.

Streetcar Still Up in the Air, but a Plan Could Come Next Month

Questions remain, like: How will it collect fares? And: Why is it catching on fire?

City Accidentally Sends Wrong Parking Passes to Thousands

Nearly 4,000 D.C. residents may have received a 2014 visitor parking pass.

City Names Three Finalists to Oversee Scaled-Back Streetcar Network

The winner will get an $800 million contract; the losers will each get $1 million for time they put into bidding. A decision is due by December 2016.

It Wasn’t Easy Biking in D.C. in 1982

Think it's hard biking in D.C. these days? Try 1982. The District Department of Transportation has just posted a guide to cycling in the District that it initially put out in 1982, when conditions and rules were a bit different.
First, the infrastructure: There was hardly any. The guide opens with a list of "D.C. Bikeways," but [...]

The Pros and Cons of the Four North-South Streetcar Proposals

There are now four potential routes for the north-south streetcar line, as I reported yesterday. These aren't set in stone: The locations of the stops are likely to change, and the terminus of one alternative could easily be switched to another. But for the most part, these are the four alignments the District Department of Transportation [...]

Ambitious Transportation Plan Aims to Predict the Future and Learn From the Past

I'm the only reporter who's shown up to the media briefing at the District Department of Transportation, but we're 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, so DDOT spokesman Reggie Sanders tells the department officials to get things rolling. "Some of the other reporters are stuck in traffic," he says.
DDOT aims to change that. Its MoveDC plan, [...]

Plan Calls for Congestion Pricing, More Bike Lanes, and Expanded Transit for D.C.

Congestion pricing downtown. A vastly expanded network of bike lanes. Streetcar and bus routes with dedicated lanes. A parking system more tailored to demand. Lanes reserved for high-occupancy vehicles and toll-payers on major thoroughfares.
If the city's transportation network evolves as the District Department of Transportation hopes it will, these could all soon be a reality.
DDOT [...]

City Seeks Builder for Pedestrian Bridge From Parkside to Deanwood

Time for some traffic across Minnesota Avenue NE. Pedestrian traffic, that is.
No, this isn't a Chris Christie vendetta. The District Department of Transportation plans to build a new 400-foot pedestrian bridge connecting the Minnesota Avenue Metro station with the adjacent neighborhoods of Mayfair and Deanwood, and is seeking a contractor to complete the task.
The Parkside Pedestrian Bridge [...]

D.C. Seeks Firm to Design, Build, Operate “Integrated Premium Transit System”

When streetcars begin carrying passengers down H Street NE sometime in the next few months, they'll usher in not just the revival of a transportation technology that's been extinct in the District since 1962, but also the first step in D.C.'s "Integrated Premium Transit system."
Today, the District Department of Transportation issued a solicitation for firms [...]