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Reel Talk

Chuck Patterson turns his gaze to the river as his line grows taut. “Man, you must be good luck!” he chortles as he reels in an 18-inch catfish. It’s the third one he’s caught in six hours of fishing today.
He inspects his catch. “Does that look clean to you?” Patterson asks. “It sure looks clean [...]

Do D.C. Residents Have Any Good Ideas on Sustainability?

Back in July, the District Department of the Environment and Office of Planning announced that they'd be embarking on a new sustainability strategy. They couldn't tell us what it would entail, exactly. That was supposed to come from you: Having designed a big old community engagement effort, OP director Harriet Tregoning said they were "crowdsourcing" [...]

Solar Bits: Move the Bill, Lease a Panel, Skyline Wins!

Hey, the sun's out these days! And the news about it has been piling up. Here's the digest:

SUNBURN: So, remember that bill that's supposed to structure the market for solar renewable energy credits so that people can pay back their investment in no time flat? Even with little discernable opposition, it hasn't moved [...]

Paying the Bills: Wraparound Crowd Files Through Convention Center for Energy Discounts

Thousands of low-income Washingtonians started lining up early this morning at the Convention Center to get a crack at discounts on their utility bills and free weatherization for their homes, waiting for hours while canvassers for mayoral candidates Adrian Fenty and Vince Gray worked the line (a few heated arguments broke out along the way).
The [...]