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MLK Library Overhaul Moves Ahead, With Split-Personality Approach

D.C. Public Library has selected three teams of architects as finalists to design a renovated Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. But when those teams present their designs in February, don't expect any new insight into the shape of the future MLK. Each team is being asked to submit two designs: one for a mixed-use building with [...]

Overhaul of MLK Library Draws Dozens of Interested Architects

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the daunting task facing architects interested in overhauling the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. The 1972 building, designed by renowned modernist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is a historic landmark, meaning that its basic elements must be left intact. Yet it's also outdated and fairly unpleasant, and in [...]

Off the Books

The boy on the bicycle flashes a big grin as he rides into the atrium of the Mount Pleasant Library. His father collects the bike and carries it upstairs as the child climbs the steep steps, and the two of them enter the main room on the second floor, joining a group of nervous 4-year-olds [...]

How Did D.C.’s Public Libraries Shed 1.5 Million Books?

After I reported yesterday that the number of books in D.C.'s public library system had declined from 2,242,514 in 2010 to 1,466,010 in 2012, several of you wrote in to express your incredulity at the sharp drop. In fact, if you go back a little further, the decline is even steeper: In 2007, DCPL reported [...]

Zoning Board Rules Against Mt. Pleasant Library Expansion

This ran in last week's Northwest Current, but since you probably didn't pick up the dead-tree-only paper, a below-the-fold article bears re-blogging: The Board of Zoning Adjustment, which had previously deadlocked over whether to allow a rear expansion of the Mt. Pleasant Library, tipped against it earlier this month with new board member Lloyd Jordan [...]

Anybody Want a Kiosk?

Back in 2008, the D.C. Public Library decided to close five neighborhood kiosks, the tiny one-room libraries set up during the 1970s in some of the city's poorer neighborhoods to increase access to books where full-service libraries didn't yet exist. Many of those neighborhoods were getting new libraries, the Board reasoned, and the kiosks weren't [...]

Despite Protests, Mt. Pleasant Library Finally Gets Building Permits, Will Start Construction “Very Soon”

After being closed for over four months, the District of Columbia Public Libraries announced on Monday that they've finally secured building permits for the renovation of the historic Mount Pleasant Library, and are shooting to open in fall of 2011. Meanwhile, as you can see at right, the demolition of the historic sun room on [...]

All Libraries Are Expensive

Yesterday, the estimable Michael Neibauer broke down the cost of the new West End Library, to be built by EastBanc. It seemed to him a bit much that the library itself should cost $2.5 million, while everything else ran the cost up to a total of $9 million.
Now, I'm not certain that EastBanc isn't bilking [...]

Watha T. Daniel Libary, About to Go Live

After years of planning, contract negotiation, and construction, the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library will finally open its doors on August 2. It’s the fourth of six new and renovated libraries to open this year—but this one, a triangular shard of glass projecting over the corner of Rhode Island Ave. and 7th Street, NW, may be [...]

DCPL: The New Mt. Pleasant Library is Perfectly Safe and Accessible

A few weeks ago, ANC 1C released a study by Nichols Design Associates arguing that plans for the renovation of the Mt. Pleasant Library–which closed for renovation on April 3–didn't comply with the Americans for Disabilities Act and posed a fire hazard to neighboring buildings. Today, the District of Columbia Public Libraries released its response, [...]