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Vincent Abell Wants to Buy City-Owned Vacant Property

3022 Channing Street N.E.
Does the name Vincent Abell ring a bell?
It probably doesn't. But here's why it might: Back in July, City Paper wrote a story about several landlords accused of negligence in a lawsuit from the city. Abell was among them.
Last April, Attorney General Peter Nickles filed the suit against "23 of the very [...]

Vacant Property Auction Buyers Revealed!

One of many auction properties: 3004 13th Street, N.W.
The Department of Housing and Community Development has finally released the list of buyers from its D.C. vacant property auction, held Jan. 30.
So now you can know if your new neighbors are low-key residents, who just found their perfect fixer-upper project...Or developers with possibly other things [...]