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Developer Seeks to Block Convention Center Hotel Deal

Just when you thought 'Well it looks like we're over the final hurdle!" it appears the D.C. Convention Center hotel may be facing more delays.
This summer, the D.C. Council zoomed forward on a financing deal to jump-start a long awaited 1,167-room Marriott Marquis hotel, which is supposed to stimulate the city's convention business, and minimize [...]

DC Council Kills General Vacant Property Tax Rate

Mid-summer, amidst many tax increases, the D.C. Council preliminarily approved a move to decrease the tax rate on vacant—often troublesome—properties. According to Councilmember Phil Mendelson, the higher rate was "actually mak[ing] it difficult for some property owners to sell or put their property back to use.”
Maybe so. But the decision wasn't exactly a crowd-pleaser. At [...]

Amidst Tax Hikes, City Decreases Vacant Property Tax

Well this is kind of bizarre.
Just as the DC Council approves a budget increasing the sales tax, the gas tax and the cigarette and small cigar tax, it is decreasing a tax on vacant properties from $10 to $5 per $100 of assessed value, the Washington Examiner reports.

Albert to Council: Leave Grimke, Backus School Developments Alone

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On Friday, Loose Lips obtained a letter [PDF] to the D.C. Council from outgoing deputy mayor for planning and economic development Neil O. Albert. In it, he outlined his problems with several proposals in the budget legislation scheduled for a second and final vote on Tuesday. LL plucks out the highlights, republished here:*
Two of the [...]

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(3)Student Housing, the Newest D.C. Real Estate Boom?
(4)D.C. Council Gives $1 Million to Shaw Giant Development
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Budget Sliced for Office Evaluating School Construction, Reuse of Schools

This morning's Washington Post includes a story about the council mark-up on the mayor's budget. Deputy mayor for education Victor Reinoso is getting hit the hardest—84 percent of his budget is being cut, taking it from $4 million to $778,000. 
[Council Chair Vincent] Gray has long been unhappy with Reinoso, whose portfolio includes oversight of the [...]

Federal Stimulus Funds Could Help D.C. Affordable Housing Programs

The Washington Post published a story yesterday about how much money the District stands to gain ($1 billion in a recent version) from the federal stimulus package:
"Council members are considering what to do with the money. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D) wants to use any savings to restore cuts in the District's affordable housing program [...]

More On Kwame Brown and $1.5 Billion Southwest Development

This morning's Washington Business Journal leads with a front page profile on Kwame Brown, Chair of the Council's Economic Development Committee. According to the piece, Kwame's been flexing his legislative muscle, refusing to move forward on development bills until he reviews all the proper information, and generally not bowing to pressure from the building community.
Case [...]

D.C. Council’s Parking Fee Increase Will Help Housing Programs

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, whose committee oversees the Department of Transportation
The D.C. Council is reviewing emergency legislation that will raise meter fees and end free downtown parking on the weekends. The money will be funneled to housing programs, according to the Washington Post:
Committee members also heard from affordable-housing advocates who testified in support of [...]